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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Dave observe watching his houseboat before driving away in a gunmetal gray Chrysler?
(a) A federal agent.
(b) Cletus.
(c) General Abshire.
(d) Nate Baxter.

2. When Dave tails Cletus, where does he see Cletus go both at the beginning and end of his shift?
(a) A bar.
(b) The bus station.
(c) To a warehouse.
(d) To pick up a prostitute.

3. According to Dave, law enforcement in South Florida is the equivalent of what?
(a) Miami Vice.
(b) The Mickey Mouse show.
(c) La Brea Tar Pits East.
(d) Louisiana swamps.

4. Who reveals that Philip Murphy is a morphine addict?
(a) Bobby Joe.
(b) Jaime.
(c) Cletus.
(d) Andres.

5. What does Dave have for dinner before visiting Cletus?
(a) Jambalaya.
(b) Shrimp gumbo and oysters.
(c) Poor boy.
(d) Fried fish.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Eight, the two boys from Dave's platoon who died were from where?

2. What does Cletus' sun porch resemble?

3. On what street is Murphy's house located in Biloxi?

4. In Chapter Twelve, who says that he wants to apologize to Dave?

5. By what alias has Philip Murphy been going for his drug deals?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter Twelve, Dave says that he is caught in the lens. What does he mean by this?

2. Why is Didi Gee upset in Chapter Ten?

3. In Chapter Ten, Dave contemplates how he is not making much of a difference in the world. His brother Jimmie understands that and puts his energy into what pursuits?

4. About what incident from her past does Annie tell Dave in Chapter Eleven?

5. Why does Dave return to the Picayune's morgue in Chapter Twelve?

6. Dave confronts Philip Murphy and plans to take him back to New Orleans. What is the outcome of this?

7. What happens with Dave's job when he is reinstated?

8. What does the reader find out about General Abshire in Chapter Eight?

9. What does Annie do and feel when she wakes up to find Dave has gone following their first night together?

10. What does Dave tell Captain Guidry about Cletus in Chapter Eleven?

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