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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Dave first contact about bringing in one of the men who killed Fitzpatrick?
(a) Captain Guidry.
(b) Nate Baxter.
(c) Sergeant Motley.
(d) Cletus.

2. What is Cletus' reason for killing Bobby Joe Starkweather?
(a) Starkweather was going to expose him as a dirty cop.
(b) Because Starkweather beat up Dave.
(c) Starkweather was cutting off the supply of prostitutes.
(d) $10,000.

3. What does Jaime always wear on his head?
(a) A stocking cap.
(b) A bandana.
(c) A New York Yankees baseball cap.
(d) A fedora.

4. What does Dave read while waiting for the valet at the Gulf Shores restaurant?
(a) "To Kill a Mockingbird."
(b) "A History of the South."
(c) "A Farewell to Arms."
(d) "A Passage to India."

5. Who tells Dave that Dave believes in the world that should be instead of the one that exists?
(a) Baxter.
(b) Fitzpatrick's supervisor.
(c) Jimmie.
(d) Cletus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dave takes two weeks of vacation with Annie. Where do they go?

2. In what area of New Orleans does General Abshire live?

3. What does Annie cook on Dave's stove in Chapter Eight?

4. Who places Dave in a holding cell?

5. Dave confesses to whom about having killed Philip Murphy?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Dave first begins tailing Cletus, he notices that Cletus is hung over and apparently has a real problem with alcohol. What does Dave predict for Cletus's day?

2. What does Dave tell Captain Guidry about Cletus in Chapter Eleven?

3. What clue does Andres give Dave about weapons?

4. Dave confronts Cletus one last time in Chapter Eleven. What does he tell Cletus he can do?

5. What does Dave do with the the glass from which the Nicaraguan is drinking, and why?

6. In Chapter Nine, Dave finally confronts Cletus about turning into a bad cop. How does Cletus respond?

7. Describe the incident Dave's platoon had with the Water Buffalo in Vietnam.

8. Why does Didi Gee want Jimmie dead?

9. In Chapter Eight, when Dave sees Annie's date for the evening, what does he do?

10. About what incident from her past does Annie tell Dave in Chapter Eleven?

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