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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who translates for Dave when Didi Gee sends over the Nicaraguan with information in Chapter Nine?
(a) Cuban horse trainer.
(b) His bartender.
(c) Captain Guidry.
(d) Annie.

2. Who places Dave in a holding cell?
(a) Cletus.
(b) Phil.
(c) Sergeant Motley.
(d) Captain Guidry.

3. Who says, "Loving a girl should include making her miserable"?
(a) Captain Guidry.
(b) Annie.
(c) Cletus.
(d) Dave.

4. Who reveals that Philip Murphy is a morphine addict?
(a) Andres.
(b) Jaime.
(c) Cletus.
(d) Bobby Joe.

5. When Dave has his first visit with Annie after the shooting, she looks like what to him?
(a) A flower child.
(b) A young girl.
(c) An innocent.
(d) A woman that would break his heart.

6. What does Jaime always wear on his head?
(a) A bandana.
(b) A New York Yankees baseball cap.
(c) A fedora.
(d) A stocking cap.

7. On what street is Murphy's house located in Biloxi?
(a) Bay Shore.
(b) Gulf Shore.
(c) Azalea.
(d) Magnoila.

8. During surgery, the polyps inside Didi Gee were as large as what?
(a) Baseballs.
(b) Quarters.
(c) Didi Gee's fist.
(d) Ducks' eggs.

9. Where does Dave meet Didi Gee for lunch?
(a) Galatoire's.
(b) Cafe Giovanni.
(c) Mama Lido's.
(d) Emeril's.

10. With what is Dave charged?
(a) Breaking and entering.
(b) Assault and battery.
(c) Carrying a concealed firearm.
(d) Public drunkenness.

11. In Chapter Eight, the two boys from Dave's platoon who died were from where?
(a) Birmingham, Alabama.
(b) Lafayette, Louisiana.
(c) Conroe, Texas.
(d) Macon, Georgia.

12. How does the surgeon describe his surgery on Jimmie in Chapter Twelve?
(a) All I can do.
(b) Snipping-and-sewing operation.
(c) Spit-and-polish procedure.
(d) Dusting-and-cleaning situation.

13. Who says, "We use them. They use us. It keeps everyone in business"?
(a) Dave.
(b) Didi Gee.
(c) Cletus.
(d) Jimmie.

14. Dave listens to what over and over while doing sit ups and working out with weights?
(a) "La Jolie Blonde."
(b) "Jailhouse Rock."
(c) Louis Armstrong.
(d) The waves on the lake.

15. What does Dave suggest to the General that he should read?
(a) Saint John of the Cross.
(b) "A Thousand Days."
(c) The Bible.
(d) "A Passage to India."

Short Answer Questions

1. From where is the postcard that Dave receives from Cletus mailed?

2. Dave talks to the General about IPs. What does IP stand for as it is used in "The Neon Rain"?

3. What was Dave's wife's name?

4. What charges are on the complaint that Dave files against the Nicaraguan?

5. Where do Dave and Annie move at the end of the book?

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