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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 and Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dave have for dinner before visiting Cletus?
(a) Jambalaya.
(b) Poor boy.
(c) Fried fish.
(d) Shrimp gumbo and oysters.

2. Who approaches Dave in Jackson Square about meeting with Didi Gee?
(a) Frank Giacano.
(b) Jimmie.
(c) Joe Milazzo.
(d) Mario Cannella.

3. With what group does Andres say he served in Nicaragua for seven years?
(a) National Guard.
(b) Sandanistas
(c) Army.
(d) Rebels.

4. Who wanted Starkweather dead?
(a) The General.
(b) Philip Murphy.
(c) Didi Gee.
(d) Erik.

5. What did Dave's father give him when he went away to college?
(a) A bottle of whiskey.
(b) Remington twelve-gauge shotgun.
(c) Advice.
(d) Fishing equipment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Treasury Agent visits Dave at his houseboat?

2. Who says, "Most people just roll over when violence comes into their lives"?

3. On what street does Dave park his car when they visit Wesley Potts?

4. Who is described in Chapter Twelve as a "leviathan surfacing from the depths"?

5. What does Jaime always wear on his head?

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