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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 and Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of business does Dave buy with his retirement money?
(a) A boat-rental and bait business.
(b) A bar.
(c) A detective agency.
(d) A music store.

2. How many Southern Myths does Dave come up with in Chapter Three?
(a) Seven.
(b) Ten.
(c) Five.
(d) Eight.

3. According to Dave, who has "a real dose of the yellow-dog blues"?
(a) Guidry.
(b) The General.
(c) Cletus.
(d) Dave.

4. Whose bald head is described as "a rock with weeds starting to grow on it"?
(a) Captain Guidry's.
(b) Julio Segura's.
(c) Sergeant Motley's.
(d) The Cataouatche Parish sheriff's.

5. In Chapter Five, who says he is on a short leash?
(a) Jimmie.
(b) Fitzpatrick.
(c) Didi Gee.
(d) Dave.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Dave that he could have bonded him out in fifteen minutes?

2. Where does Dave meet Didi Gee for lunch?

3. What did a journalist nickname General Abshire in 1966?

4. How does Jimmie communicate with Dave from the hospital bed?

5. How old was Annie when she was pregnant?

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