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Segura's Cadillac

This is where the dead bodies of a man from Nicaragua and his bodyguard are found.

Segura's House

Two New Orleans detectives visit a Nicaraguan criminal here and ask questions about a murdered girl.

Dave's Car

This is wrecked when a group of antagonists put one of the detectives and a federal agent in it and drop it from the third story of a parking garage.

Dave's Houseboat

One of the detectives lives here on Lake Pontchartrain.


This is an alcoholic drink.

Dr. Nut

This is a drink from the main character's childhood that is similar to a modern soft drink.


This is sawed off so that the detective can hide it under a jacket before visiting the CIA agent.

General Abshire's House

A party is held here. After crashing the party, the detective is arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.


This location...

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