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Kent Nerburn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was strewn around the base of the obelisk?
(a) Prayer notes.
(b) Wilted flowers.
(c) Plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
(d) Plastic flowers.

2. Why couldn't Dan speak or write, according to the grandfathers?
(a) He wasn't poetic enough.
(b) He hadn't graduated from Haskell.
(c) He had too much anger.
(d) He had married a white woman.

3. To what was the monument at Wounded Knee dedicated?
(a) The Memory of Chief Lone Wolf.
(b) The Memory of Chief Black Elk.
(c) The Memory of Chief Joseph.
(d) The Memory of the Big Foot Massacre.

4. What did Dan take out of the trunk at Wounded Knee?
(a) A dream-catcher.
(b) A leather-bound book.
(c) A large beaded animal skin bag.
(d) A drum.

5. What was the object wrapped in a blanket that Grover took out of his trunk?
(a) A dream-catcher.
(b) An Indian head-dress.
(c) A song book.
(d) A drum.

6. What did Grover sprinkle in the fire that the bad spirits hated?
(a) Sage.
(b) Thistles.
(c) Clover.
(d) Evergreen needles.

7. What was the song that Dan chanted about?
(a) Indian legends.
(b) Anger and tears.
(c) Great Indian chiefs.
(d) It was an Indian love song.

8. What adjective did Dan use to describe the hills where they were parked?
(a) Beautiful.
(b) Entrancing.
(c) Inspiring.
(d) Alive.

9. What kind of Indians were neither red warriors nor white farmers, neither wolf nor dog?
(a) Comanche Indians.
(b) Apache Indians.
(c) All agency Indians.
(d) Navajo Indians.

10. How old was Delvin?
(a) In his late twenties.
(b) About 32.
(c) In his late thirties.
(d) In his early forties.

11. What were the seven stars supposed to have taught the Lakota?
(a) How to chant seven prayers.
(b) How to have seven children.
(c) How to have seven council fires.
(d) How to kill seven bears.

12. What was good after the terrible storm?
(a) Fresh winds from a different direction.
(b) A double rainbow.
(c) Everyone was hungry.
(d) Grover said a prayer in Lakota.

13. What did Dan say was the biggest thing to white people?
(a) Sex.
(b) Race.
(c) Religion.
(d) Alcohol.

14. Of what did the latticework arch between the two pillars at Wounded Knee remind Nerburn?
(a) The tracery over Nazi death camps.
(b) The entrance to a western ranch.
(c) The entrance to amusement parks.
(d) The entrance to a rich person's home in the east.

15. What is Paha Sapa?
(a) The Lakota sacred center of the universe.
(b) A Lakota religious ceremony.
(c) The most sacred Lakota prayer.
(d) Mount Rushmore.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shot Sitting Bull?

2. Why does Dan say he's sorry for saying those things to Nerburn?

3. How did Dan's grandfathers give him the song?

4. Whose name was written on another side of the monument?

5. With whom did Sitting Bull's people join when they went south to avoid the soldiers?

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