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Kent Nerburn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Grover whisper after the ferocious storm had subsided?
(a) "Wakan Tanka."
(b) "Thank you Great Creator."
(c) "The Storm Chief."
(d) "The Winged One."

2. How did Dan describe the rolling foothills?
(a) Mother earth.
(b) Indian land.
(c) A beautiful place.
(d) White man's land.

3. According to Indians what people are closest to God?
(a) Warriors and Ghost dancers.
(b) Chiefs and Medicine men.
(c) Babies and old people.
(d) Teenagers and Indian missionaries.

4. What was good after the terrible storm?
(a) Everyone was hungry.
(b) Grover said a prayer in Lakota.
(c) Fresh winds from a different direction.
(d) A double rainbow.

5. How old was Delvin?
(a) About 32.
(b) In his early forties.
(c) In his late thirties.
(d) In his late twenties.

6. When Delvin asked Nerburn if he was writing a book like Black Elk Speaks, what did he answer?
(a) No, his book would be different.
(b) Maybe, "Black Dog Speaks."
(c) "More like Sitting Bull Speaks."
(d) Yes, he was writing a similar book.

7. How many times did Dan take a pinch of tobacco and offer it to the wind?
(a) Four times.
(b) Seven times.
(c) Three times.
(d) Six times.

8. About how old was the Indian they picked up on their way to Sitting Bull's Burial Site?
(a) About fifty.
(b) About thirty.
(c) About twenty.
(d) About forty.

9. How did Dan's grandfathers give him the song?
(a) From bird song.
(b) In the wind.
(c) From the earth.
(d) In a dream.

10. What chief in Montana was mentioned?
(a) Chief Joseph.
(b) Chief Black Elk.
(c) Chief Lone Wolf.
(d) Chief Running Bear.

11. What kind of a woman did Nerburn perceive Annie to be?
(a) A sad woman.
(b) An angry woman.
(c) A bitter woman.
(d) A kind woman.

12. What racial slur did Nerburn overhear in the Homestead town restaurant?
(a) "Half-breeds."
(b) "Savages."
(c) "Red Skins."
(d) "Prairie NIggers."

13. What question did Nerburn ask the Indian which he shouldn't have asked?
(a) He asked the Indian how old he was.
(b) He asked the Indian if he was a Lakota.
(c) He asked the Indian what tribe he was from.
(d) He asked whether the Indian was going to the burial site.

14. What was in front of Sitting Bull's Monument?
(a) A plaque with Sitting Bull's history on it.
(b) A garden.
(c) A bench.
(d) A square stone pillar topped by a bust.

15. What burial site did they head for after leaving the Homestead town?
(a) Black Elk's Burial Site.
(b) Lone Wolf's Burial Site.
(c) Sitting Bull's Burial Site.
(d) Running Wolf's Burial Site.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Nerburn dream about at Wounded Knee?

2. What did Sitting Bull's monument overlook?

3. What did Grover do when they got back on the road?

4. What was the object wrapped in a blanket that Grover took out of his trunk?

5. Why couldn't Dan speak or write, according to the grandfathers?

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