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Kent Nerburn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the woman from New York say the Red Road books were not helpful in finding out about the Indians?
(a) She didn't care to learn the truth about the Lakota people.
(b) The Indians in the book weren't like the "movie Indians."
(c) She didn't trust a book written by a white man.
(d) The Indians sounded "flat and uninteresting" in the books.

2. What Indian people did Dan say were killing Indians?
(a) The Indians who intermarried with whites.
(b) The Indians who became rich and moved away.
(c) The Indians who sold the sacred ways.
(d) The Indians who adopted white ways.

3. How old was Grover?
(a) In his late forties.
(b) In his late fifties.
(c) In his late thirties.
(d) In his early sixties.

4. How much did Dan's grandmother receive for sitting on a blanket and having her picture taken?
(a) A quarter.
(b) A nickel.
(c) A dime.
(d) Fifty cents.

5. Why does Dan feel he should forgive the white man?
(a) The land, the mountain and forest teach him to heal and forgive.
(b) He feels he might do what they did if in their place.
(c) He pities the white man as an inferior being.
(d) He feels he has no alternative but to forgive.

6. To what did Grover compare the white man's religious Communion in the Lakota society?
(a) Sweetgrass.
(b) The spring crop.
(c) Tobacco.
(d) Maize.

7. What was Nerburn's first inclination to do after leaving his Nissan at Jumbo's?
(a) He wanted to stay in the village and explore it.
(b) He wanted to go to Dan's house and work on the book.
(c) He wanted to take the trip with Grover and Dan.
(d) He wanted to go to the motel and sleep till it was over.

8. According to Dan, what did the white man do to the land?
(a) Didn't love it.
(b) Turned it into property.
(c) Developed it.
(d) Disrespected it.

9. What are "pispiza"?
(a) Sweet grasses.
(b) Lakota elders.
(c) Cherokee Indians.
(d) Prairie dogs.

10. How do Dan and the Lakota people feel about being called Indians?
(a) They are amused.
(b) They are fighting mad.
(c) They are highly insulted.
(d) They don't care about something like a name.

11. What was the title of one of the books Nerburn wrote after working on the reservation?
(a) The Forgotten People.
(b) Tales of the Elders.
(c) Our Mother Earth.
(d) To Walk the Red Road.

12. Who did Nerburn sit next to in the Buick on the trip?
(a) Grover.
(b) Nobody.
(c) Fatback.
(d) Dan.

13. What Indian had counseled reaching out a hand of peace to the white people?
(a) Black Stag.
(b) Black Kettle.
(c) Sitting Bull.
(d) Running Horse.

14. Describe the Hippie man.
(a) He was big and brawny with a long straight ponytail.
(b) He was gaunt with a braided ponytail.
(c) He was medium-build with long stringy hair.
(d) He was fat with two braids.

15. What did Wenonah suggest Nerburn do?
(a) Become an honorary member of the Lakota tribe.
(b) Sleep under the car.
(c) Start cooking the meals for her and Dan.
(d) Give up writing the book.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Lakota people call the Creator?

2. What did Grover insist they order at the truck stop?

3. Describe Nerburn's immediate family.

4. What had an old farmer in Bismarck told Nerburn when he asked why he never went east?

5. What was the name of the old Indian's dog?

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