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Kent Nerburn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "wakan" mean in English?
(a) Sacred or filled with power.
(b) Young or innocent.
(c) Secret or hidden.
(d) Far away.

2. According to Dan, what did the white man do to the land?
(a) Didn't love it.
(b) Disrespected it.
(c) Developed it.
(d) Turned it into property.

3. What did Dan like about Nerburn?
(a) He was polite.
(b) He was thoughtful.
(c) He was quiet.
(d) He wasn't trying to be an Indian.

4. How far apart were the houses in the village?
(a) About 75 ft. from one another.
(b) About a mile apart.
(c) About a half a mile apart.
(d) About a quarter of a mile apart.

5. What was in the yard to the left of Grover's house?
(a) A perfectly ordered woodpile.
(b) A small garden.
(c) A wagon wheel.
(d) An old, rusted truck

6. Dan's lifestyle was like whose?
(a) The Lakota tribe's.
(b) His granddaughter's.
(c) Grover's.
(d) Fatack's.

7. What did Grover insist they order at the truck stop?
(a) Pancakes and sausages.
(b) Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and fries.
(c) Bacon double cheeseburgers and fries.
(d) Fried eggs and bacon.

8. According to Dan, how do white people learn?
(a) By reading.
(b) By talking.
(c) By experimenting.
(d) By listening.

9. Who was in "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" for awhile?
(a) Black Elk.
(b) Lakota elders.
(c) A Navajo medicine man.
(d) Sitting Bull.

10. How fast did Grover drive his Buick?
(a) He drove about 60 miles per hour.
(b) He crept along at about 30 miles per hour.
(c) He drove at exactly the speed limit.
(d) He seldom drove over 45 miles per hour.

11. What was the only sign of industriousness that could be seen in the village?
(a) The men working on their cars.
(b) The gardens behind each house.
(c) The cleanly swept sidewalks in front of the houses.
(d) The line of laundry flapping in the wind behind each house.

12. Why did the woman from New York say the Red Road books were not helpful in finding out about the Indians?
(a) The Indians sounded "flat and uninteresting" in the books.
(b) She didn't care to learn the truth about the Lakota people.
(c) She didn't trust a book written by a white man.
(d) The Indians in the book weren't like the "movie Indians."

13. What was Grover's answer when Dan asked him why he didn't have any junk cars in his yard?
(a) I like a neat yard.
(b) I don't like junk.
(c) That's what being in the service did to me.
(d) I don't have a dog.

14. What did Nerburn use to pack his belongings?
(a) A small brown valise.
(b) A green aviator's bag.
(c) A blue Samsonite suitcase.
(d) A black canvas bag.

15. When was a man supposed to wear an eagle feather?
(a) During a Pow Wow.
(b) When he earned it in battle or a veteran gave it to him.
(c) When he found it in nature.
(d) When his mother gave it to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year was the book published?

2. How much did Dan's grandmother receive for sitting on a blanket and having her picture taken?

3. What color was Grover's couch?

4. What did Dan particularly not like about Hippies?

5. How did Grover wear his hair?

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