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Kent Nerburn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What criticisms did Grover have for the first chapters Nerburn wrote?
(a) They sounded too much like stories of "movie Indians."
(b) They were not authentic and full of lies.
(c) They were too poetic and fancy.
(d) They were too short and used large words.

2. In what year was the book published?
(a) 1994.
(b) 1993.
(c) 1992.
(d) 1995.

3. What were Dan and Nerburn listening to as they sat on Dan's front porch?
(a) The larksong and the morning wind.
(b) Dan's granddaughter singing as she worked.
(c) Fatback's barking.
(d) The approach of Grover's car.

4. According to Dan, what did the white man do to the land?
(a) Turned it into property.
(b) Developed it.
(c) Disrespected it.
(d) Didn't love it.

5. What is the lie of the good man, according to Dan?
(a) Changing the subject of the conversation.
(b) Silence.
(c) A white lie.
(d) A confession of ignorance.

6. What was Grover doing when Dan and Nerburn came to visit him?
(a) Reading one of Nerburn's books.
(b) Watching a black and white cowboy movie on television.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Fixing his Buick.

7. What did the Lakota word "wasichu" mean in English?
(a) Danger.
(b) White man.
(c) Elder.
(d) Dog.

8. What was inside the three-sided wooden structure Nerburn came across on his motorcycle trip?
(a) Three stones with Lakota traditions inscribed in them.
(b) A wood carving of a Lakota Indian.
(c) A sacred Lakota buffalo rock.
(d) An offering of free fruits and vegetables to passers-by.

9. How much did Dan's grandmother receive for sitting on a blanket and having her picture taken?
(a) A quarter.
(b) A dime.
(c) A nickel.
(d) Fifty cents.

10. What request did the Indian woman have when she called Nerburn?
(a) She asked him to speak to her grandfather on the phone,.
(b) She asked him to visit her grandfather, an Elder.
(c) She asked him if she could visit him.
(d) She asked him to sell her his two books.

11. Describe the Hippie man.
(a) He was big and brawny with a long straight ponytail.
(b) He was medium-build with long stringy hair.
(c) He was fat with two braids.
(d) He was gaunt with a braided ponytail.

12. What was the title of one of the books Nerburn wrote after working on the reservation?
(a) Our Mother Earth.
(b) Tales of the Elders.
(c) The Forgotten People.
(d) To Walk the Red Road.

13. According to Dan, how do white people learn?
(a) By talking.
(b) By reading.
(c) By listening.
(d) By experimenting.

14. What did Dan particularly not like about Hippies?
(a) That they took drugs.
(b) That they practiced free love.
(c) The Hippie hand shake.
(d) Their bad manners.

15. When was a man supposed to wear an eagle feather?
(a) When he found it in nature.
(b) When he earned it in battle or a veteran gave it to him.
(c) During a Pow Wow.
(d) When his mother gave it to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the woman from New York say the Red Road books were not helpful in finding out about the Indians?

2. What Indian had counseled reaching out a hand of peace to the white people?

3. When Dan asked what Gitchi-gumi was, what did Nerburn answer?

4. What did Nerburn use to pack his belongings?

5. What color was Nerburn's truck?

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