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Kent Nerburn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had an old farmer in Bismarck told Nerburn when he asked why he never went east?
(a) He said, "there are too many big cities in the east."
(b) He said, "It's too expensive in the east."
(c) He said, "I can't afford the trip."
(d) He said "nah, trees make me nervous."

2. How fast did Grover drive his Buick?
(a) He drove at exactly the speed limit.
(b) He drove about 60 miles per hour.
(c) He seldom drove over 45 miles per hour.
(d) He crept along at about 30 miles per hour.

3. How did Grover wear his hair?
(a) In a pony tail.
(b) Medium length parted at the side.
(c) In a crew cut.
(d) Long and straggly hanging loose.

4. Of what piece of music was Nerburn reminded as they drove through the deepening evening?
(a) Telemann's C Minor Mass.
(b) Mozart's Coronation Mass.
(c) Handel's Messiah.
(d) Bach's B Minor Mass.

5. In what year was the book updated?
(a) 2001.
(b) 2004.
(c) 2003.
(d) 2002.

6. What was Nerburn's first inclination to do after leaving his Nissan at Jumbo's?
(a) He wanted to stay in the village and explore it.
(b) He wanted to go to Dan's house and work on the book.
(c) He wanted to go to the motel and sleep till it was over.
(d) He wanted to take the trip with Grover and Dan.

7. What sentence, according to Nerburn, sums up America?
(a) "We are the land of the free."
(b) "What's in it for me?"
(c) "We are number one."
(d) "From sea to shining sea."

8. What color was Nerburn's truck?
(a) Green.
(b) Blue.
(c) Black.
(d) Red.

9. Where was Grover's house located?
(a) In the middle of the village.
(b) In the next village.
(c) Down the road from Dan's house.
(d) On the other side of the village.

10. What was the author doing when the seed for this book was planted in his mind?
(a) Sitting on his front porch watching the sun set.
(b) Re-reading the other books he had written about Indians.
(c) Day-dreaming about Indians and their values.
(d) Riding his motorcycle across North Dakota in August.

11. What was outside of the Old Indian's house?
(a) Two cars, one on blocks.
(b) A large Cadillac.
(c) A small vegetable garden.
(d) An outhouse.

12. How did Nerburn feel when he was among the Indians?
(a) Angry and aggressive.
(b) Happy and honored.
(c) Anxious and fearful.
(d) Curious and defensive.

13. Where did Fatback live?
(a) Under Dan's front porch.
(b) In the house with Dan.
(c) In an old wooden dog house.
(d) In a dirt hollow she had dug beneath the junk car.

14. What were Dan and Nerburn listening to as they sat on Dan's front porch?
(a) The approach of Grover's car.
(b) Fatback's barking.
(c) The larksong and the morning wind.
(d) Dan's granddaughter singing as she worked.

15. From what college did Dan's grandson graduate?
(a) North Dakota U.
(b) Notre Dame.
(c) Yale.
(d) Haskell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does "wakan" mean in English?

2. What did Grover, Dan and Nerburn have for lunch at Grover's house?

3. Describe Nerburn's immediate family.

4. What request did the Indian woman have when she called Nerburn?

5. What was in the yard to the left of Grover's house?

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