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Kamala Purnaiya Taylor
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During their conversation in the village, Biswas tells Rukmani a rumor he heard from Kunthi. What is the rumor?
(a) That Ira is working as a prostitute.
(b) That Nathan is the father of Kunthi's two sons.
(c) That Nathan is having an affair with Kali.
(d) That Kenny and Rukmani have a secret relationship.

2. Shortly after Sacrabani's birth, something happens to Nathan for the first time. What is it?
(a) Nathan falls ill.
(b) Nathan leaves Rukmani.
(c) Nathan quits farming.
(d) Nathan works at the tannery.

3. In celebration of almost having enough money to return to the village, what does Rukmani buy in the city for both Puli and for her grandson?
(a) New blocks.
(b) New shirts.
(c) Fried potatoes.
(d) Dum-dum carts.

4. When Rukmani and Nathan have almost earned enough money to return home, what does Rukmani buy from the vendor in celebration?
(a) Fried pancakes.
(b) Extra rice.
(c) Sugar whirls.
(d) Plantains.

5. How do Nathan and Rukmani raise the rent money they must pay?
(a) They teach other villagers to read and write.
(b) They sell some of their belongings.
(c) They go to work at the tannery.
(d) They sell the rest of the rice they were holding in reserves.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Brila?

2. Which of Rukmani's sons marries of his own accord?

3. Who does Rukmani try to sell her clothing to in order to raise enough money for rent?

4. On their first night in the city, what happens while Rukmani and Nathan are eating their dinner?

5. Who do Nathan and Rukmani meet at the Collector's house?

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