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Kamala Purnaiya Taylor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 23, Sivaji returns to the farm. What news does he bring to Nathan and Rukmani?
(a) The new crop will be wheat, not rice.
(b) The rent is being increased.
(c) The land is being sold.
(d) The landowner is coming to the village himself.

2. When Rukmani goes into the village to sell her vegetables, what does Biswas tell Rukmani?
(a) That she owes him money.
(b) That he owes her money.
(c) That her sons are returning from Ceylon.
(d) That Kenny has returned.

3. When the tannery officials are visiting Rukmani, what do they accuse her sons of being?
(a) Young kids.
(b) Good workers.
(c) Lazy men.
(d) Troublemakers.

4. Who is Puli?
(a) The doctor that their son works for.
(b) The priest at the temple.
(c) The boy who leads the couple to their son's home.
(d) The social worker who gives them shelter.

5. As the drought continues, how much food is available for the family when Rukmani first measures it?
(a) 20 ollocks.
(b) 10 ollocks.
(c) 4 ollocks.
(d) 6 ollocks.

6. In order to pay their rent, what is Rukmani forced to sell?
(a) Ira's new dowry.
(b) Her new dress.
(c) Her red sari.
(d) Her mother's ring.

7. Before identifying the intruder in her house, what does Rukmani do?
(a) Slips out of the house until the intruder leaves.
(b) Wakes Nathan up.
(c) Shoots the intruder.
(d) Fights with the intruder.

8. During which season is Ira's child born?
(a) Fall.
(b) Spring.
(c) Winter.
(d) Summer.

9. Upon her return to Nathan's village, where will Rukmani live?
(a) She will live with Selvam and Ira.
(b) She will live by herself.
(c) She will live on their old land.
(d) She will live with Kunthi.

10. Who, besides his mother, accepts Sacrabani unconditionally?
(a) Nathan.
(b) Selvam.
(c) Rukmani.
(d) Ira.

11. As Rukmani's family is waiting for the next harvest, even the fish becomes depleted. What does Rukmani do to feed her family?
(a) She turns to prostitution.
(b) She works for Kenny.
(c) She draws upon her secret hoard.
(d) She picks and cooks twigs and berries.

12. How is Ira earning the money she is using to buy food for her brother?
(a) By gambling in the tavern.
(b) By teaching other villagers to read.
(c) By selling her writings.
(d) By prostituting herself.

13. Where do Rukmani and Nathan go after leaving the doctor's house?
(a) To the market.
(b) To the Collector's house.
(c) To their village.
(d) To the temple.

14. In celebration of almost having enough money to return to the village, what does Rukmani buy in the city for both Puli and for her grandson?
(a) New shirts.
(b) Fried potatoes.
(c) Dum-dum carts.
(d) New blocks.

15. Which of Rukmani's children is most in danger of dying from starvation?
(a) Ira.
(b) Selvam.
(c) Kuti.
(d) Arjun.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Rukmani actually find in the house?

2. During their conversation in the village, Biswas tells Rukmani a rumor he heard from Kunthi. What is the rumor?

3. What affliction is Ira's son born with?

4. Nathan falls ill while he and Rukmani are in the city. What is his illness?

5. By saving four annas a day for their journey, how long do Rukmani and Nathan figure they will have to work before being able to make the journey back to their village?

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