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Kamala Purnaiya Taylor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Rukmani and Puli return to the temple after their shopping extravaganza, what does Rukmani realize?
(a) The temple is no longer safe.
(b) They have more money saved than she thought.
(c) Puli is stealing from them.
(d) Nathan is ill with a fever.

2. When Rukmani reaches Nathan's village, who comes running to meet Rukmani?
(a) Selvam.
(b) Kunthi.
(c) Sacrabani.
(d) Ira.

3. Where is Old Granny's body found?
(a) In the rice paddy.
(b) In the temple.
(c) In her home.
(d) In the street.

4. In order to pay their rent, what is Rukmani forced to sell?
(a) Her red sari.
(b) Her mother's ring.
(c) Ira's new dowry.
(d) Her new dress.

5. Before identifying the intruder in her house, what does Rukmani do?
(a) Fights with the intruder.
(b) Wakes Nathan up.
(c) Slips out of the house until the intruder leaves.
(d) Shoots the intruder.

6. After leaving the Collector's house, where do Rukmani and Nathan go?
(a) To the hotel.
(b) To the doctor's house.
(c) To the temple.
(d) To their village.

7. Who do Nathan and Rukmani meet at the Collector's house?
(a) Kenny's former wife.
(b) The tannery's overseer.
(c) Their son's wife.
(d) The Collector himself.

8. Which of Rukmani's children is most in danger of dying from starvation?
(a) Selvam.
(b) Kuti.
(c) Arjun.
(d) Ira.

9. How much money do Rukmani and Nathan leave the village with?
(a) Three rupees.
(b) Ten rupees.
(c) Sixteen rupees.
(d) Twenty rupees.

10. What does Rukmani talk Nathan out of selling?
(a) Their wedding clothes.
(b) The next season's seed.
(c) Their bullocks.
(d) Their pots and pans.

11. During their conversation in the village, Biswas tells Rukmani a rumor he heard from Kunthi. What is the rumor?
(a) That Nathan is the father of Kunthi's two sons.
(b) That Ira is working as a prostitute.
(c) That Nathan is having an affair with Kali.
(d) That Kenny and Rukmani have a secret relationship.

12. How long does it actually take to complete the hospital?
(a) Seven years.
(b) Seven months.
(c) Two years.
(d) Twenty-nine months.

13. While still living in the city, who do Rukmani and Nathan entrust their money to while they go to work each day?
(a) Ammu.
(b) Janaki.
(c) Puli.
(d) The overseer.

14. After their first night in the city, what do Rukmani and Nathan own?
(a) The clothes they are wearing.
(b) Three rupees and their clothes.
(c) Their mats, their clothes, and three rupees.
(d) Their clothes and their mats.

15. During the construction of the hospital, what becomes Kenny's most frequent saying?
(a) It will be done soon.
(b) Selvam is a wonderful help to me.
(c) I will find a way.
(d) The hospital will be a blessing. You'll see.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Kenny's plan, how long should it take to build the hospital?

2. When Rukmani goes to Kenny's house to visit with him in Chapter 18, what news does Rukmani learn?

3. Who comes to the farm to collect the rent?

4. What does Ira tell Sacrabani about his father?

5. Nathan and Rukmani's guide tells them of a better way to earn money in the city. Where does he tell them to go?

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