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Kamala Purnaiya Taylor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kenny not help Rukmani when ask. him for food during the drought?
(a) He is not in the village.
(b) He does not want to share his resources with her.
(c) He is helping feed the tannery workers.
(d) He does not have enough food for himself.

2. What does Old Granny die from?
(a) A beating .
(b) Infection.
(c) A fall.
(d) Starvation.

3. Chapter 18 opens with Rukmani going into town to sell some of her vegetables. Who does she now refuse to sell to?
(a) Old Granny.
(b) Kunthi.
(c) Biswas.
(d) Janaki.

4. After leaving the Collector's house, where do Rukmani and Nathan go?
(a) To the hotel.
(b) To the temple.
(c) To the doctor's house.
(d) To their village.

5. What does Rukmani tell her family regarding Puli?
(a) They adopted him before Nathan's death.
(b) He will be given in marriage to Kunthi's daughter.
(c) He was kind to them in the city.
(d) He will be returning to the city.

6. Who is Puli?
(a) The doctor that their son works for.
(b) The social worker who gives them shelter.
(c) The priest at the temple.
(d) The boy who leads the couple to their son's home.

7. When the bullock drops Rukmani and Nathan off in the city, how far are they from Koil Road?
(a) Fifteen miles.
(b) Three miles.
(c) Ten miles.
(d) One mile.

8. How many annas do Nathan and Rukmani earn from the overseer where they are working in the city?
(a) Eight.
(b) Five.
(c) Two.
(d) Twelve.

9. After their first night in the city, what do Rukmani and Nathan own?
(a) Their mats, their clothes, and three rupees.
(b) The clothes they are wearing.
(c) Their clothes and their mats.
(d) Three rupees and their clothes.

10. When they reach the doctor's house where their son works, what are Rukmani and Nathan told by the servants?
(a) Murugan has died.
(b) Murugan is ill.
(c) Murugan does not work there anymore.
(d) Murugan is away with the doctor.

11. When Rukmani reaches Nathan's village, who comes running to meet Rukmani?
(a) Ira.
(b) Selvam.
(c) Kunthi.
(d) Sacrabani.

12. Before identifying the intruder in her house, what does Rukmani do?
(a) Slips out of the house until the intruder leaves.
(b) Fights with the intruder.
(c) Wakes Nathan up.
(d) Shoots the intruder.

13. When Rukmani goes to Kenny's house to visit with him in Chapter 18, what news does Rukmani learn?
(a) He will be staying in the village for good.
(b) He is a grandfather.
(c) His wife has left him.
(d) He will no longer be practicing medicine.

14. Upon her return to Nathan's village, where will Rukmani live?
(a) She will live with Selvam and Ira.
(b) She will live with Kunthi.
(c) She will live by herself.
(d) She will live on their old land.

15. When Rukmani goes into the village to sell her vegetables, what does Biswas tell Rukmani?
(a) That Kenny has returned.
(b) That her sons are returning from Ceylon.
(c) That he owes her money.
(d) That she owes him money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Kenny returned to the village?

2. Who is Brila?

3. Which of Rukmani's sons is killed at the beginning of Chapter 15?

4. Who does Rukmani actually find in the house?

5. What affliction is Ira's son born with?

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