Nectar in a Sieve Short Essay - Answer Key

Kamala Purnaiya Taylor
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1. After marrying Nathan and moving to his village, how does Rukmani react when she first sees her new home?

Rukmani initially wants to cry. Her new home is a two-room mud hut and a far cry from the surroundings she has been accustomed to living in.

2. Who are the three women that Rukmani first meets at the river shortly after arriving in Nathan's village?

She meets Kali (whose husband works the fields next to Nathan's fields), Janaki (who is married to the village shopkeeper), and Kunthi (who is pregnant with her first child).

3. What does Rukmani learn from the three women she met at the river about her new home?

Nathan built their two-room mud hut from scratch--just for his new bride.

4. Why does Rukmani feel ashamed after learning from the three women at the river about her new home?

She is ashamed because she was dismayed when she first saw the house. Now that she knows the work Nathan put into it--just for her--she is proud of her husband.

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