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Kamala Purnaiya Taylor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rukmani find while tending her small garden?
(a) A rabbit.
(b) A rat.
(c) A cobra.
(d) A spider.

2. At the beginning of Chapter 4, what news does Arjun bring to the family?
(a) He is getting married.
(b) Hundreds of strange men have come into the village.
(c) He is leaving the village.
(d) His brother has been killed.

3. Nathan hangs a garland of mango leaves across the doorway to welcome Rukmani to her new house. What do the mango leaves symbolize?
(a) Happiness and good fortune.
(b) Good fortune and many children.
(c) Wealth and long life.
(d) Long life and happiness.

4. Which of the women wishes that the new company's workers will simply go away for good?
(a) Kunthi.
(b) Kali.
(c) Janaki.
(d) Rukmani.

5. What does Nathan do ten days after the birth of his son?
(a) Holds a celebratory feast.
(b) Offers sacrifices to the fertility gods.
(c) Has the child circumsized.
(d) Baptizes his son.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rukmani is keeping a secret from her husband. What is her secret?

2. Why do the village women think Kunthi is quieter and more reserved than the rest of the women?

3. How many older sisters does Rukmani have?

4. How far have the construction workers traveled to reach the village?

5. How old is their daughter before Nathan finally starts taking an interest in her?

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