Nectar in a Sieve Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kamala Purnaiya Taylor
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Part 1, Chapter 1

• The story opens by introducing the reader the main character, Rukmani. Rukmani begins to tell the story of how she and her husband Nathan, who is now deceased, meet and of their early life together.

• As the fourth daughter in her family, by the time Rukmani gets married, there is no dowry left for her. Her family arranges for her to be given to Nathan, a poor tenant farmer who is beneath the family's social class.

• Rukmani is only twelve years old when she and Nathan are married. Both Rukmani and her family are humiliated by the idea of giving Rukmani to a man below the family's social class. However, Rukmani soon realizes how kind Nathan is.

• After the wedding, Nathan and Rukmani travel a great distance to reach the village where Nathan lives. Nathan's house is a two-room hut at the edge of the rice...

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