Necessary Targets Short Essay - Answer Key

Eve Ensler
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1. Describe the opening scene.

As the curtain opens, two women are sitting in a well-appointed, upscale living room. Food is on a coffee table. One woman is young and nervous, and drinking a glass of water. The other is older, well-dressed, and beautiful.

2. What is Melissa's response to J.S.'s comment about her young age?

Melissa tells J.S. that she has been through a lot, but she doesn't want to go into details about her childhood.

3. How do Melissa's shoes become part of the conversation?

J.S. compliments Melissa's shoes, and Melissa says that she likes them too, especially the zippers. She calls them "grounding," and says that doing what she does, she needs shoes that are "grounding".

4. What does Melissa reveal about her resume?

After J.S. calls her resume impressive, Melissa says that she made it up just for her, then corrects herself by saying she created the resume--typed it--for J.S., though the facts are all true.

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