Objects & Places from Necessary Targets

Eve Ensler
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J.S.'s Apartment - This is the setting for the first and final scenes of the play, bookending the trauma and the squalor of the internal Bosnian scenes with scenes of relative safety, security and wealth.

New York City - This city is where J.S. makes her home.

America - This country is a source both of comfort to J.S. and fascination to Nuna.

Bosnia - This country was torn apart by ethnic civil war in the 1990s.

Banja Luka - This Bosnian city is Azra's much longed for home.

The Refugee Camp - This is the place where the main action of the play takes place.

The Tape Recorder - This device represents to the refugees the shallow casualness, or the casual shallowness, of American interest in them.

Music - This is the great freer in this play, for both the Bosnian women...

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