Daily Lessons for Teaching Necessary Targets

Eve Ensler
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Lesson 1 (from Scene 1)


Reading plays is different than reading narrative fiction in many ways. The biggest difference is that there is no narrative exposition or description. As an introduction the genre and this particular play, this lesson will look at the traditional format of a play and define its basic elements.


1. For lecture/student note-taking: Explain to students that they are going to be reading a play, which is a different experience then that of reading a novel or story. Drama exists in a wide variety of forms, including pantomime, Asian Kabuki theater, improvisation, musical theater, and traditional plays. It is an older form than the novel or short story, predating widespread literacy. Be prepared with some basic history of ancient Greek theater, as it will help lay the groundwork for understanding the genre. Discuss with students the different theatrical experiences had by the ancient Greeks, Elizabethans, and...

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