Necessary Targets Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Eve Ensler
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Essay Topic 1

Using what you learned about the genres of theater, categorize "Necessary Targets" as a tragedy or comedy.

Essay Topic 2

Choose any three of Aristotle's 6 elements of theater and discuss their use in "Necessary Targets."

Essay Topic 3

How does Ensler use masks, both physical and emotional, to advance the theme of pretense in this play?

Essay Topic 4

How does Ensler use the character of Zlata to embody the perennial "Us vs. Them" conflict?

Essay Topic 5

Using at least three specific examples, discuss the significance of the tape recorder in "Necessary Targets."

Essay Topic 6

Please explain how Melissa is a foil to J.S. Be specific.

Essay Topic 7

Using at least three examples, explain how Ensler portrays the emotional transformation of J.S. through physical action.

Essay Topic 8

Please describe the climax of this play and its significance.

Essay Topic 9

Who are the "Necessary Targets" of the play...

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