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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Marvin and _______ experience great physical discomfort because of their unconscious guilt.
(a) Ellie.
(b) Sarah.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) Donna.

2. Viorst feels that there is a always a grain of what in our love relationships?
(a) A grain of insecurity.
(b) A grain of hatred.
(c) A grain of spite.
(d) A grain of jealousy.

3. What are the ingrained patterns repeated in adulthood due to childhood experiences called?
(a) Familiarity complex.
(b) Bad habits.
(c) Repetition compulsion.
(d) Revisiting the past.

4. What was the name of the girl's club that Viorst's neighbor Amy belonged to?
(a) No Boys Allowed.
(b) Rainbows and Unicorns.
(c) The Rainbow Fleet.
(d) Girls Rule.

5. According to Viorst, grown-up love must begin with what?
(a) Two grown adults.
(b) The separation of self from the other.
(c) A mature understanding of self.
(d) An ability to forgive others.

6. When we allow some person or group to stand in place of our own conscience, this leads to what?
(a) Indiscriminate guilt.
(b) Dependent guilt.
(c) Deficient guilt.
(d) Unconscious guilt.

7. In Chapter 8, the author discusses another "necessary loss." Which one is it?
(a) The limitations imposed on us due to our being male or female.
(b) That we must let go in order to love.
(c) The loss of our heterosexuality.
(d) The loss of the exclusive love of our mother.

8. What does the author state that extended separation from a mother can cause a child?
(a) Pain and permanent damage.
(b) A sense of independence.
(c) Hunger.
(d) A good chance to socialize with other people.

9. Which person coined the phrase Cinderella Complex?
(a) Sigmund Freud.
(b) Colette Dowling.
(c) Judith Viorst.
(d) Colleen Rodman.

10. According to Viorst, we not only try to re-live the good experiences from our past, but also seek to re-create the bad ones in an effort to do what?
(a) In an effort to rehearse for the future.
(b) In an effort to assess how we performed.
(c) In an effort to torture ourselves.
(d) In an effort to correct them.

11. According to Chapter 9, how do we eventually resolve the Oedipus complex?
(a) Through guilt.
(b) Through punishment and shame.
(c) Through our conscience.
(d) By becoming adults.

12. Viorst feels our sexual nature comes from where?
(a) It comes from the messages around us.
(b) It is formed in our mind.
(c) It comes from our DNA.
(d) It is inborn and shaped by our environment.

13. Seeing our own feelings as those of the new baby's is known as what?
(a) Yours and mine syndrome.
(b) Entanglement of self.
(c) Confusion.
(d) Projection.

14. Who said, "To be a man, a woman, an adult, is to accept responsibility"?
(a) Sigmund Freud
(b) Antoine de Saint-Exupery
(c) Victor Hugo
(d) Jean Valjean

15. Even as adults, according to the author, we still view our mothers as what?
(a) As our dearest friend.
(b) As our greatest critic.
(c) As our biggest fan.
(d) As our safety net.

Short Answer Questions

1. The first sentence of Chapter 1 states that, "Life begins with _______."

2. Escaping to an earlier stage of development in an effort to deal with socially unacceptable feelings toward a new sibling is called what?

3. When a mother rejects a child's need for dependence and pushes them out of the nest too soon, what can happen?

4. Chapter 3 addresses how the "Private I" is the person who lives underneath the facade that is created in order to ___________ those around them.

5. According to Viorst, siblings destroy our dream of what?

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