Daily Lessons for Teaching Necessary Losses

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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


Chapter 1: The High Cost of Separation discusses the importance of the presence of the mother in every child's life. The objective of this lesson is to understand how important the need for our mother is, even if she disappoints us or is absent.


1.) Writing Assignment: Have each student write a short reflection paper relating the theme of separation from one's mother to their own life experience.

2.) For Class Discussion: Do you agree with the statement, "Absence makes the heart grow frantic, not fonder"? Viorst suggests that the price is high for children who spend too much time away from their mothers too early in life. Do you agree with the author that this calls into question our entire societal structure?

3.) For Homework: Read the transcript for the movie, "A Two-Year-Old Goes to Hospital." Be prepared to discuss.

4.) For Homework: Read and review Chapter 2.

Lesson 2 (from Chapters 1-2)


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