Necessary Losses Character Descriptions

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Art Buchwald

At an early age, after being bounced from foster home to foster home, this person decided that they must face the world on their own.

Sigmund Freud

This person believes that when we find ourselves in repeated patterns that seem to end the same way, we must have been orchestrating those events based on our experiences as infants.

Benjamin Spock

This person is an example of how we do not stop learning and growing simply because our lives are changing and our bodies are aging.

Leonard Zelig

This character is an example of a borderline personality who, never finding one's true self, adapts to the situation by trying to please and conform to those surrounding the person.

Liv Ullman

As an actor, this person shows that only characters that contain both good and bad are convincing.

Colette Dowling

Based on the work of this person, the...

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