Navigating Early Fun Activities

Clare Vanderpool
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Early uses the empty space after music ends on a record to soothe himself and also counting jelly beans. Discuss with a group things that you do when you need soothing.

Billie Holiday

Listen to some Billie Holiday songs. Write a few sentences telling why you think Early always played her music when it rained.

Sears Roebuck Catalog

Find an old 1800s or early 1900s Sears Roebuck catalog or replica of one. Compare the prices in the catalog to prices today.

Mrs. Johannsen

Discuss with a group whether you would have pretended to be Martin, if you were Jack. And whether you would have stayed until the old woman died.

Packing for a Quest

Early packs a variety of things for his quest. What would you pack for a quest? What things would you take that Early took, and what would you take that he didn't? List...

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