Navigating Early Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Clare Vanderpool
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Essay Topic 1

Jack refers to himself and his father as strangers. Why does Jack refer to himself and his father as strangers and what does that symbolize about their relationship?

Essay Topic 2

Jack remembers how his mother tried to help him after he got lost after a Boy Scout camp. How did his mother help him with that incident and how did she keep him from being lost emotionally when she was alive?

Essay Topic 3

Jack struggles to adjust to Morton Hill. Why is it so difficult for Jack to adjust to Morton Hill. In what way is the adjustment caused by the new surroundings and by missing his mother?

Essay Topic 4

Jack moves from Kansas to Maine. How are the two states different and how do these differences affect Jack emotionally?

Essay Topic 5

Jack considers shrines that he has seen in Kansas and now in Maine. What...

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