Navigating Early Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Clare Vanderpool
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Chapters 1-5

• The first time Jack Baker sees the ocean, he throws up.

• Jack has never been beyond Kansas before.

• He and his father fly from Kansas to Maine on a military cargo plane.

• It is a ride that Jack does not enjoy, because he is so nauseated.

• Jack was nine when he last saw his father.

• His father has been fighting in Europe.

• As the war wound down, Jack and his mother were looking forward to his father’s return.

• His father came home earlier than expected to attend Jack’s mother’s funeral.

• Jack is 13, and his father seems like stranger.

• Jack and his father take a jeep to Morton Hill Academy in Cape Fealty, Maine.

• The school is the closest boarding school to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where Captain Baker is stationed.

• After his father leaves, Jack walks along the beach, where everything reminds him...

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