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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after Roy makes an important decision during the last inning of the pennant game?
(a) He sees Gus and Memo together in the stands.
(b) He strikes out.
(c) He sees Iris in the stands and waves.
(d) He asks Pop if he will give permission for him to marry Memo.

2. What is wrong with Roy at the beginning of Chapter 6?
(a) He is sick and the doctors don't know what is wrong.
(b) He got hurt in a wreck and can't play ball.
(c) He is depressed and in a slump.
(d) He broke his arm and can't pitch.

3. What advice does Pop give Roy to help him get out of the slump?
(a) To leave Memo and forget her.
(b) To give up his favorite bat and get another.
(c) To get married to Memo.
(d) To try and lose the next game so they can win their bet.

4. What does the doctor tell Roy when he is in the hospital?
(a) That he needs to stop eating so much.
(b) That he is strong enough to play ball in the game.
(c) To stay away from baseball if he wants to live.
(d) That he doesn't think he will be able to win.

5. What reason does Roy give for not wanting to talk about his past?
(a) He said he was ashamed of his past.
(b) He said he really didn't have a very exciting past to talk about.
(c) He said it digs up too much pain.
(d) He said he couldn't remember his past after the gunshot wound.

6. How do the coaches and players deal with the teams slump?
(a) The coaches work with the players to get them playing better.
(b) They do some locker room cheers to get in a better mood.
(c) They ignore the causes of their distress and try to fix the symptoms.
(d) The coaches yell at the players to try and get them to play better.

7. What does Roy do about the bribe he is offered to throw the game?
(a) He reports The Judge to the FBI.
(b) He tells Memo and lets her know he is above that.
(c) He accepts but later changes his mind.
(d) He accepts the bribe and bets on the game.

8. What is he referring to when The Judge lectures Roy on the Biblical tale of the dog returning to its own vomit?
(a) That Roy is stupid like a dog.
(b) That Roy keeps coming back to baseball.
(c) That Roy continues to return to his old mistakes.
(d) That Roy constantly eats until he gets sick.

9. Who does Roy think is trying to throw the game because he plays so poorly?
(a) All of the Knights players.
(b) The pitcher, Fowler.
(c) Red Blow.
(d) Bump.

10. What happens to the Pirates' starting pitcher that pits Roy against a new pitcher?
(a) He faints.
(b) The Ump throws him out for bad behavior.
(c) He gets in a fight and gets thrown out of the game.
(d) He walks too many players and gets pulled out.

11. What happens to the relationship between Memo and Roy during his slump?
(a) Memo is no longer interested in him but Roy still desires her.
(b) Their relationship only gets stronger because they love each other.
(c) Roy finds another girlfriend.
(d) Memo is very interested in Roy but he ignores her.

12. What does Iris tell Roy he must do to be a true hero?
(a) She says he must practice every day.
(b) She says he must be a man.
(c) She says he must win the pennant for his team.
(d) She says he must marry and have children.

13. How does Roy feel when the fans began to cheer him on after he gets out of the slump?
(a) He doesn't care about them and hardly notices them.
(b) He is afraid they will turn on him because of his gambling.
(c) He remembers how they treated him when he was in a slump.
(d) He feels like a hero and the best ballplayer ever.

14. What happens to Roy at the party on the night before the game that determines the winner of the pennant?
(a) He sees Pop at the party and gets into trouble for being up late.
(b) He meets a new girlfriend.
(c) He leaves early because he needs rest before the game.
(d) He eats until he gets sick and is sent to the hospital.

15. What offer did The Judge send Memo to tell Roy about?
(a) Enough money to marry Memo if he would get Pop fired.
(b) Twenty-five thousand dollars and a raise to throw the pennant game.
(c) The position of coach of the Knights.
(d) Twenty-five thousand dollars and a raise if they won the pennant game.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Roy sneaks out of the hospital and does some practice batting?

2. What characteristics does Roy give to age?

3. What is the result of Roy's striking out?

4. What excuse does Memo give for shunning Roy when he was in his slump?

5. How do the fans treat Roy when he gets into a playing slump?

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