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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Roy played cards in Memo's motel room?
(a) He loses a lot of money.
(b) He wins a large amount from Gus.
(c) He gets thrown out of the motel.
(d) He gets sick.

2. What is Max Mercy fixated on?
(a) Getting Pop Fisher fired.
(b) Reporting baseball stats.
(c) The relationship between Memo and Roy.
(d) Finding out Roy's story.

3. What offer did The Judge send Memo to tell Roy about?
(a) The position of coach of the Knights.
(b) Twenty-five thousand dollars and a raise if they won the pennant game.
(c) Twenty-five thousand dollars and a raise to throw the pennant game.
(d) Enough money to marry Memo if he would get Pop fired.

4. In making his decision whether or not to accept The Judge's offer, what is the one thing Roy considers?
(a) If it was really wrong or not.
(b) If he could maybe get more money from The Judge.
(c) If doing so would help him win Memo.
(d) What Iris would think of him if he did accept it.

5. Why is Roy so upset that most people bet on the Knights?
(a) Because he plans to throw the game.
(b) Because he doesn't believe in gambling.
(c) Because he doesn't believe they can win.
(d) Because he wants all the attention.

6. What does Roy do when Iris rejects him?
(a) Dives underwater for a long time.
(b) Begs her to reconsider.
(c) Gets angry and runs into the woods.
(d) Drives away in his car.

7. Why does Memo tell Roy he should go see a fortune teller?
(a) To find out what Roy needs to do to get over his slump.
(b) To find out if they will win the next game.
(c) To find out if they are meant for each other.
(d) Because Bump went to one.

8. What does Roy tell Memo about his mother?
(a) He said that she was a "whore" who spoiled his father's life.
(b) He said that she ran away when he was a teen and he was angry with her.
(c) He said that she was the perfect mother and that he loved her very much.
(d) He said that she died when he was a small toddler.

9. What advice does Red Blow, the trainer, give Roy when he is in his bad slump?
(a) To keep his fans in mind and try to please them.
(b) To get married to Memo and quit trying to impress her.
(c) To consider what might be on his mind that is worrying him.
(d) To forget Memo and drop her.

10. What is the result of Roy's striking out?
(a) Iris says he is not a hero at all.
(b) Memo gets mad at him.
(c) They lose the pennant game.
(d) Pop takes him out of the game.

11. What does Roy do about the bribe he is offered to throw the game?
(a) He accepts the bribe and bets on the game.
(b) He tells Memo and lets her know he is above that.
(c) He accepts but later changes his mind.
(d) He reports The Judge to the FBI.

12. What is Roy's reaction when The Judge shows up in his motel room?
(a) He is afraid of The Judge.
(b) He cries and tells him he is afraid of losing Memo.
(c) He threatens to call the FBI.
(d) He is surprised because Memo had just left.

13. What does Pop say in Chapter 10 that makes Roy's decision even harder?
(a) That he knows how good a player Roy is and is depending on him.
(b) That he is entitled to win the pennant game and will then retire.
(c) That he knows Roy is a hero and above throwing a game.
(d) That he will tell Memo to now marry him if they lose.

14. What does Roy hope to gain by becoming a superhero, the best ball player ever?
(a) A lifetime career in baseball.
(b) Money and love, specifically Memo.
(c) A good retirement.
(d) The respect of Pop.

15. Who does Roy think is trying to throw the game because he plays so poorly?
(a) Bump.
(b) The pitcher, Fowler.
(c) All of the Knights players.
(d) Red Blow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Iris tell Roy that repels him?

2. Who is the pitcher that strikes Roy out in the pennant game?

3. What happens after Roy makes an important decision during the last inning of the pennant game?

4. What does the doctor tell Roy when he is in the hospital?

5. Who is the only person that Roy thinks really cares about him?

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