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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice does Memo give Roy to assuage his depression?
(a) To forget about baseball forever.
(b) To go to a fortune teller.
(c) To go back home and visit his family.
(d) To get married to her and let her take care of him.

2. Why can Memo not be the woman Roy needs?
(a) She is engaged to Bump.
(b) Roy doesn't love her.
(c) Pop forbids them to be together.
(d) She is too absorbed in her own wants and desires.

3. What does Roy think about his relationship with Memo when he is in his big slump?
(a) He thinks she likes someone else.
(b) He thinks she doesn't like him anymore because he is playing poorly.
(c) He is tired of her and wants the brunette.
(d) He knows she wants to get married as soon as possible.

4. What excuse does Memo give for shunning Roy when he was in his slump?
(a) She says she only likes successful people.
(b) She says she can't stand people who are "blue."
(c) She says she was trying to decide between him and Gus.
(d) She says Pop told her to leave him alone.

5. Why does the lady tell Roy she stood up in the stands?
(a) She was going to leave the game.
(b) So she could see better.
(c) She was looking for Gus.
(d) To cheer him on because the world needs heroes.

6. What does The Judge tell Roy when he is trying to get him to throw a game?
(a) That he will make sure he plays ball as long as he wants to.
(b) That he knows Memo will marry him if he throws the game and gets the money.
(c) That he will make him coach of the Knights.
(d) That sometimes bad actions bring good consequences.

7. Who is the pitcher that strikes Roy out in the pennant game?
(a) John Young.
(b) Ray Fowler.
(c) Red Blow.
(d) Herman Youngberry.

8. What does Iris encourage Roy to do?
(a) Sell out to Judge Banner.
(b) Be a good influence on young boys.
(c) Try and get Pop fired.
(d) Stay in baseball one more year.

9. What happens to the relationship between Memo and Roy during his slump?
(a) Memo is no longer interested in him but Roy still desires her.
(b) Memo is very interested in Roy but he ignores her.
(c) Roy finds another girlfriend.
(d) Their relationship only gets stronger because they love each other.

10. What does Roy think about his ability to play after his stay in the hospital?
(a) He thinks he can't even hit the ball.
(b) He is afraid he will pass out.
(c) He is sure he is well enough to play.
(d) He thinks he is out of his slump.

11. What characteristics does Roy give to age?
(a) Achievement of success and wealth.
(b) Wisdom and honor.
(c) Loss of beauty, life, success, and wealth.
(d) The end of his baseball career.

12. What does Roy do about the bribe he is offered to throw the game?
(a) He reports The Judge to the FBI.
(b) He tells Memo and lets her know he is above that.
(c) He accepts but later changes his mind.
(d) He accepts the bribe and bets on the game.

13. What does the doctor tell Roy when he is in the hospital?
(a) To stay away from baseball if he wants to live.
(b) That he doesn't think he will be able to win.
(c) That he is strong enough to play ball in the game.
(d) That he needs to stop eating so much.

14. Why does Memo tell Roy he should go see a fortune teller?
(a) Because Bump went to one.
(b) To find out if they will win the next game.
(c) To find out what Roy needs to do to get over his slump.
(d) To find out if they are meant for each other.

15. Who does Roy think is trying to throw the game because he plays so poorly?
(a) Red Blow.
(b) All of the Knights players.
(c) The pitcher, Fowler.
(d) Bump.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Roy after he leaves Iris and returns to Memo?

2. What does Roy need that only Iris seems to understand?

3. What does Gus suggest in Memo's motel room that makes Roy so angry?

4. What agreement does Roy make with The Judge?

5. How does Roy react to the children among the fans?

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