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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Roy's reaction after he finally reads Iris's letter?
(a) He shows it to Memo and laughs at Iris.
(b) He shows it to The Judge for advice.
(c) He leaves Memo and returns to Iris.
(d) He wads it up and throws it against the wall.

2. What is the name of the lady in the red dress?
(a) Harriet Bird.
(b) Iris Lemon.
(c) Victoria Youngberry.
(d) Memo Paris.

3. What does Iris encourage Roy to do?
(a) Be a good influence on young boys.
(b) Stay in baseball one more year.
(c) Try and get Pop fired.
(d) Sell out to Judge Banner.

4. What does Iris say is the only way to find happiness?
(a) Through success at baseball.
(b) Through suffering.
(c) Through friends.
(d) Through hard work.

5. In the league, What position do the Knights fall in?
(a) Last.
(b) Third.
(c) Second.
(d) First.

6. What does Roy hope will happen to him after he agrees to throw the game?
(a) That he will be benched for the whole game.
(b) That Iris will be there to watch him.
(c) That he won't be able to hit well.
(d) That he will get a home run.

7. What does Roy think about his ability to play after his stay in the hospital?
(a) He is afraid he will pass out.
(b) He thinks he can't even hit the ball.
(c) He is sure he is well enough to play.
(d) He thinks he is out of his slump.

8. What does Roy do when Iris rejects him?
(a) Dives underwater for a long time.
(b) Begs her to reconsider.
(c) Gets angry and runs into the woods.
(d) Drives away in his car.

9. What does Roy wish for when the team gets into a major slump?
(a) A friend, a father, and a home to return to.
(b) Another girlfriend since Memo doesn't like him.
(c) A coach that could teach him more.
(d) A better relationship with Memo.

10. What happens when Roy sneaks out of the hospital and does some practice batting?
(a) Memo ridicules him.
(b) He passes out at the plate.
(c) He sees The Judge watching him.
(d) Pop helps him practice.

11. When Roy goes to see Memo at her motel room on the night before the pennant game, who is there with her?
(a) Red Blow.
(b) Max.
(c) Gus.
(d) Pop.

12. How do the coaches and players deal with the teams slump?
(a) The coaches work with the players to get them playing better.
(b) They ignore the causes of their distress and try to fix the symptoms.
(c) They do some locker room cheers to get in a better mood.
(d) The coaches yell at the players to try and get them to play better.

13. What does The Judge tell Roy when he is trying to get him to throw a game?
(a) That he knows Memo will marry him if he throws the game and gets the money.
(b) That he will make him coach of the Knights.
(c) That he will make sure he plays ball as long as he wants to.
(d) That sometimes bad actions bring good consequences.

14. What flaw does Roy think Memo has?
(a) She is too fat.
(b) She wants to have more than one man at a time.
(c) She runs away from him all the time.
(d) She is not the domestic type.

15. What excuse does Memo give for shunning Roy when he was in his slump?
(a) She says she can't stand people who are "blue."
(b) She says Pop told her to leave him alone.
(c) She says she only likes successful people.
(d) She says she was trying to decide between him and Gus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Roy think about his relationship with Memo when he is in his big slump?

2. What does Iris tell Roy he must do to be a true hero?

3. What does Roy hope to gain by becoming a superhero, the best ball player ever?

4. What does Max Mercy do to Roy that angers him so much?

5. How does Roy react to the children among the fans?

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