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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the relationship between Gus and Memo?
(a) She has not relationship with him at all.
(b) She says he is like a father to her.
(c) She is in love and plans to marry him.
(d) She hates him.

2. What does Sam dream that foretells what will happen to him?
(a) He dreams he is a famous sportswriter.
(b) He dreams he was stabbed.
(c) He dreams Roy was shot.
(d) He dreams he wins the Most Valuable Player Award.

3. What does Iris tell Roy that repels him?
(a) That she is a grandmother.
(b) That she snores when she sleeps.
(c) That she likes Gus.
(d) That she likes The Judge.

4. Who does Roy see in the stands while playing a game in Chicago?
(a) A baseball scout for another team.
(b) Fans that are cheering for him.
(c) His father whom he hasn't seen in years.
(d) A lady in a red dress standing and cheering for him.

5. Who does Doc Knobb accuse of causing the team to lose?
(a) He accuses Roy of throwing the games.
(b) He accuses the whole team of being sorry players.
(c) He accuses Pop Fisher, and gets him fired.
(d) He accuses The Judge of requiring Roy to throw the game.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Roy travel from when he heads to the Chicago Cubs to try out?

2. What does Pop do when he sees Roy and Memo returning to the motel in the morning?

3. What is Max Mercy fixated on?

4. Why does Max Mercy offer Roy $5000?

5. What event causes Memo to view Roy more favorably and go for a ride with him?

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