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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Roy think of Doc Knobb's help?
(a) He refuses it and leaves the group.
(b) He believes it helps the team.
(c) He goes along with it, but doesn't believe it helps.
(d) He asks for an extra practice session to improve his batting.

2. What does Roy say about Iris's appearance?
(a) She is the most beautiful woman he has seen.
(b) She is not beautiful, but she supports him in baseball.
(c) She is too fat, but not too bad.
(d) Above the waist she is a girl and below the waist a woman.

3. How is failure treated in The Natural?
(a) It is considered a path to success.
(b) It leads to further failure and heartache.
(c) It is considered a fact of life one must endure.
(d) It is considered an opportunity to learn.

4. Why does Bump Bailey get away with ridiculing both the coach and anyone else who crosses him?
(a) He is a fighter and others are afraid of him.
(b) He owns the majority of shares in the team.
(c) He is so well-liked that others ignore his mean nature.
(d) He is the leading pitcher for the team.

5. How does Roy relate to Pop?
(a) Both feared The Judge, both were injured in baseball, and both were about to retire.
(b) Bad luck, media harrassment, and the team's poor standing.
(c) Both played baseball, both loved a woman, and both had no friends.
(d) Both depended on Red, both were poor, and both played outfield.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the fans treat Roy when he gets into a playing slump?

2. What does Roy hope to gain by becoming a superhero, the best ball player ever?

3. What does Memo's reaction to Bump's death tell the reader, given her lack of relationship with him?

4. What is wrong with Roy at the beginning of Chapter 6?

5. Who is Gus Sands?

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