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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pop react to the almost magical quality of Roy's Wonderboy during the first game in which Roy gets to hit?
(a) He becomes optimistic about the team's chances of a win.
(b) He tells Roy is it not legal size and weight, but use it if he can get away with it.
(c) He is afraid the fact that it is homemade might cause it to not be accurate.
(d) He forbids Roy to use it and demands he use the bat chosen by Pop.

2. What event causes Memo to view Roy more favorably and go for a ride with him?
(a) He gets his raise, finally.
(b) He gets a white Mercedes-Benz from his fans.
(c) He tells her about his plans to become the best ball player ever.
(d) He tells her about Bump's gambling and losses, making her glad Bump didn't marry her.

3. What does Pop do when he sees Roy and Memo returning to the motel in the morning?
(a) He asks Roy if he and Memo are planning on getting married.
(b) He tells Roy to leave Memo alone and not to go out with her any more.
(c) He benches Roy for being out all night.
(d) He fines Roy $100 for not being in his room the night before.

4. What advice does Memo give Roy to assuage his depression?
(a) To forget about baseball forever.
(b) To go to a fortune teller.
(c) To go back home and visit his family.
(d) To get married to her and let her take care of him.

5. What mistake did Pop make that Red tells Roy about?
(a) He forced a player to throw a game.
(b) He embezzled funds from The Judge.
(c) He got caught between bases and caused his team to lose.
(d) He gave a really bad call in coaching that caused him to lose.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Roy after he leaves Iris and returns to Memo?

2. How does Memo Paris react when Bump dies?

3. How does Roy feel about Bump Bailey?

4. What reason does Roy give for not wanting to talk about his past?

5. Why does Memo tell Roy he should go see a fortune teller?

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