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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two things does Roy find out about Red that makes him think the team needs his help?
(a) His sexual escapades and his laziness.
(b) His need for a winning game and his respect for Roy.
(c) His zest for the game and his loyalty to the team.
(d) His age (old) and the fact he has never won a game.

2. How does Roy feel when he becomes the team hero, making news stories and filling sports columns with his achievements?
(a) He is unhappy, feeling like he has a lot more to live for, and wants to conquer the world.
(b) He is ecstatic that he is a hero.
(c) He is proud to be able to help his team out of their slump.
(d) He is happy, but misses Bump, who should have been the hitter.

3. What advice does Pop give Roy to help him get out of the slump?
(a) To get married to Memo.
(b) To leave Memo and forget her.
(c) To try and lose the next game so they can win their bet.
(d) To give up his favorite bat and get another.

4. What happens to the relationship between Memo and Roy during his slump?
(a) Roy finds another girlfriend.
(b) Memo is very interested in Roy but he ignores her.
(c) Their relationship only gets stronger because they love each other.
(d) Memo is no longer interested in him but Roy still desires her.

5. Where does Roy travel from when he heads to the Chicago Cubs to try out?
(a) From the western hills of the United States.
(b) From Atlanta, GA.
(c) From Texas.
(d) From the Northeastern coast.

Short Answer Questions

1. Roy consistently reaches out for love. Who does he reach out to in the slump before the game in which he pitches?

2. When Roy visits a fortune teller, what does she tell him?

3. What does Iris encourage Roy to do?

4. What warning does Red give Roy that he ignores?

5. How does Roy feel about The Judge wanting to push Pop out of his job?

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