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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Sam Simpson?
(a) He dies from food poisoning from food bought at the carnival.
(b) He dies from injuries from a pitch by Roy.
(c) He joins the Chicago Cubs.
(d) Harriet Bird shot him.

2. What two places does Roy tell the train porter he has visited?
(a) Miami, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri.
(b) Dallas, Texas and Sante Fe, California.
(c) Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois.
(d) Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.

3. How does Harriet respond to Roy when he makes romantic advances toward her?
(a) She is very tender and warm toward him.
(b) She goes and gets the conductor to throw him out.
(c) She reacts coldly.
(d) She slaps his face.

4. What are Bump Bailey's two main vices?
(a) Overeating and cursing.
(b) Trying to take credit for any wins and badmouthing his coach.
(c) Bad locker room jokes and his attraction to Memo Paris.
(d) Gambling and drinking.

5. Why does "The Whammer" reject Roy?
(a) He thinks Roy is inexperienced.
(b) He doesn't like baseball.
(c) He has heard that Roy threw a baseball game.
(d) He is jealous of Harriet and Roy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at the carnival when the train stops there?

2. By what name does Roy call his personal bat?

3. What promise does Roy make to Red after he tell him about "Fisher's Flop"?

4. What warning does Red give Roy that he ignores?

5. How does Roy relate to Pop?

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