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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Pop lets Roy pitch in Bump's place?
(a) Bump tries to be a hero and fractures his skull at the wall trying to catch a ball.
(b) Bump helps Roy by practicing pitching with him, but gets hurt during the practice.
(c) Bump cheers Roy on even though he knows he has lost his pitching position.
(d) Bump tries to destroy Roy's reputation as a baseball player.

2. What does Pop ask Roy to do after he gets upset with Bump for his poor playing?
(a) He askes him to help coach Bump to improve his plays.
(b) He asks him to bench Bump.
(c) He asks him to hit the cover off the ball.
(d) He asks him to make Bump look worse so he could fire him.

3. Why does the lady tell Roy she stood up in the stands?
(a) To cheer him on because the world needs heroes.
(b) So she could see better.
(c) She was going to leave the game.
(d) She was looking for Gus.

4. What does Max Mercy do that is harmful to Roy?
(a) He blames him publicly for Sam's death.
(b) He writes suspicions about his bat.
(c) He claims he is bad luck to a team.
(d) He tells about his past when he couldn't play baseball.

5. What does Roy do when Iris rejects him?
(a) Begs her to reconsider.
(b) Dives underwater for a long time.
(c) Gets angry and runs into the woods.
(d) Drives away in his car.

Short Answer Questions

1. What major item do the fans give Roy?

2. How does Pop react to the almost magical quality of Roy's Wonderboy during the first game in which Roy gets to hit?

3. Why does Memo ride in the night with Roy without using headlights?

4. What does Max Mercy find out about Roy at the beginning of Chapter 5?

5. What does the Judge do when Roy asks for a raise?

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