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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What characteristics does Roy give to age?
(a) The end of his baseball career.
(b) Loss of beauty, life, success, and wealth.
(c) Wisdom and honor.
(d) Achievement of success and wealth.

2. When Memo fails to accept Roy as her new boyfriend, what does he decide will win her over?
(a) He decides that dressing better will get her attention.
(b) He decides that pitching a winning game will win her over.
(c) He decides more money will win her love.
(d) He decides taking her out and showing her a good time will win her love.

3. What does Roy do to impress Memo and make some money?
(a) He sells his story to Max Mercy.
(b) He bets on the next Knights game and wins.
(c) He performs magic tricks.
(d) He take her out to eat and agrees to a second job.

4. Where does The Judge get his money?
(a) From ticket sales to Knights games.
(b) From gambling.
(c) No one knows.
(d) From players whom is he blackmailing.

5. Why does Max Mercy offer Roy $5000?
(a) He wants to buy the secret of Wonderboy.
(b) He offers it as a loan.
(c) For his family's history.
(d) He wants him to throw a game.

Short Answer Questions

1. What promise does Roy make to Red after he tell him about "Fisher's Flop"?

2. What do the fans do when they find out Roy didn't get a raise?

3. What two things does Roy find out about Red that makes him think the team needs his help?

4. How do Roy teammates on the Knights treat him?

5. How does Roy feel about Bump Bailey?

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