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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What American tendency does Malamud say The Judge and Gus take advantage of?
(a) The tendency to seek a mate at all costs.
(b) The tendency to gamble on games.
(c) The tendency to fall for schemes promising quick money.
(d) The tendency to follow one particular ball player.

2. What is the name of the lady in the red dress?
(a) Memo Paris.
(b) Iris Lemon.
(c) Harriet Bird.
(d) Victoria Youngberry.

3. What two things does Roy crave that drives his every action?
(a) He craves banana splits.
(b) Lots of money and to be the best.
(c) He craves the position of coach of the team.
(d) He craves traveling around the country.

4. Who signs the contract for Roy Hobbs to play for the Knights?
(a) Pop Fisher.
(b) Max Mercy.
(c) The Judge.
(d) Bump Bailey.

5. What happens to Roy that Max Mercy finds out when he comes back to the motel?
(a) That he had a fight with Pop.
(b) That Memo has dumped him.
(c) That he has a black eye.
(d) That he plans to quit baseball.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Roy hit baseballs in the game?

2. How do fans react to Roy after Bump's death?

3. What physical trait does Gus have that makes him unique?

4. What happens to Pop due to Doc's influence?

5. What does Iris encourage Roy to do?

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