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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In book two, how do the reporters decide to frame their stories?
(a) That the communists and the negros are working together to get the ransom.
(b) That negros are becomming more involved with communisim.
(c) That the negros want to be left alone and the communists forcing their beliefs on them.
(d) That the communists have plotted the kidnapping and are blaming it on Bigger.

2. What is Bigger's reaction when his mother's pastor comes to see him?
(a) He feels it is too late for him to change how he feels. His fate is sealed.
(b) Anger that God would allow this to happen to him.
(c) Regret that he didn't listen ore closely in Sunday School.
(d) He tells the man to get out and never come back.

3. How does Mrs. Dalton look when she comes to Bigger's room to question him about Mary's disappearance?
(a) She's dressed in white and she looks suspicious.
(b) She's dressed in white and she is very pale.
(c) She's wearing black because she knows Mary is dead.
(d) She's wearing a white pants suit and has her white hair tied back in a bun.

4. What does Bigger say about church and religion?
(a) All of the above
(b) Only poor people are happy in church.
(c) It's for whipped folks.
(d) If he was religious he'd be dead now.

5. After Bigger threatens Gus, who prevents him from attacking the other man?
(a) Bigger's mom
(b) G. H.
(c) Vera
(d) Jack

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the novel "Native Son" take place?

2. In Max's statement to the court in Part Three of the novel, how does he portray the 12 million Negros living in the United States?

3. What happens after Jan Erlone sees Bigger on the street and offers to help him, then invites him out for coffee to talk about the situation?

4. How does Bigger feel committing murder has changed his life?

5. In what ways does Bigger act to give the impression he thinks Mary is asleep upstairs in her bedroom?

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