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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bigger think when Mr. Dalton brags about giving ping pong tables to the South Side Boy's Club?
(a) That Mr. Dalton should give his toys to some other people.
(b) That Mr. Dalton just doesn't understand that what the people really need is social change, not things like ping pong tables.
(c) That Mr. Dalton is a very generous man and he regrets killing the man's daughter.
(d) That Mr. Dalton is a shallow and unfeeling.

2. Why is Max upset during his final conversation with Bigger?
(a) Bigger was glad that he killed.
(b) Bigger broke down and cried.
(c) Bigger thinks what he killed for must have been good for him to have done it.
(d) Bigger told him he'd kill again if he could.

3. How do the stories in the newspaper portray Bigger?
(a) As a victim of circumstance
(b) As a man unjustly accused
(c) As a "ferocious, depraved, primative beast"
(d) As a martyr

4. What does the white cat do while Bigger is being questioned by the police and reporters?
(a) Jumps on his shoulder, then walks around his feet.
(b) Jumps on his shoulder and digs in its claws.
(c) It keeps looking from the furnace to Bigger and back again.
(d) Sits staring intently at Bigger.

5. What idea does Bigger get after Bessie mentions he is working near the site of the Leopold and Loeb case?
(a) Contacting Leopold and Loeb for advice
(b) Blaming Mary's disappeareance on Leopold and Loeb
(c) Kidnapping and ransom
(d) That he and Bessie should go out on the town

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bigger decide to do with Mary's body next?

2. Who is the owner of the pool hall?

3. In Part Three what does State's Attorney Buckley ridicule Boris Max for?

4. What was under the sheet at the inquest?

5. What keeps stopping Bigger from shaking down the ashes in the furnace?

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