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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bigger begin to wish for all blacks?
(a) That they will one day make their own laws and rules.
(b) That someone will bring them together to make their lives better.
(c) That one day blacks will one day be equal to whites.
(d) That they will become superior to the whites and treat them like they have been treated.

2. Where do Mary and Jan sit in the car?
(a) The sit in the front and ask Bigger to sit in the back.
(b) In the back seat.
(c) The don't, they walk.
(d) In the front seat with Bigger.

3. Where does Bigger and Mary take Jan after their evening out?
(a) To catch the train
(b) To catch a bus
(c) To Mary's house
(d) Home to her house

4. After he returns to work at the Dalton house, what happens when Peggy asks Bigger to tend to the furnace because it has been running too hot?
(a) He tells Peggy he will check the furnace later.
(b) He tells Peggy the furnace is fine, but he will check it anyway.
(c) He fears she suspects something and plans on how he will kill her if she discovers anything about Mary.
(d) He hurries down the stairs to shake the ashes.

5. What is Bigger's only regret about what he did to Bessie?
(a) He has no regrets.
(b) He regrets she didn't see things his way.
(c) He didn't take back his engagement ring.
(d) He left $90 in her pocket.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Peggy finds Mary is not in her room what does she question Bigger about it, and what does he tell her?

2. How is building Bigger chose as the lookout point for the money drop described in the story.

3. How does Bigger compare his family to Mary Dalton?

4. After Bigger returns to the Dalton home with Mary's trunk, he again goes to check the furnace. Who interrupts him?

5. What is Vera doing at the YWCA?

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