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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after Jan Erlone sees Bigger on the street and offers to help him, then invites him out for coffee to talk about the situation?
(a) Bigger pulls a gun on Jan Erlone.
(b) Bigger tells Jan Erlone he doesn't need his help.
(c) Jan Erlone runs away when he sees Bigger has a knife.
(d) Bigger runs away.

2. Where does Bigger take the trunk with the body inside?
(a) To a dumpster
(b) Into the basement
(c) Into the garage
(d) Out to the car

3. In Book Two as Bigger rides the streetcar, what is his only regret?
(a) That Mary's body didn't fit in the furnace. He hated all the blood when he cut off her head.
(b) That he had to work.
(c) That he ever got mixed up with the Dalton's in the first place.
(d) That he hadn't planned the murder so he could have gotten more money and felt more successful.

4. What terrorizes the family in the opening of the novel?
(a) A rat
(b) A gunman
(c) Their landlord
(d) A rabid cat

5. Where does the novel "Native Son" take place?
(a) Birmingham
(b) New York City
(c) Philadelphia
(d) Chicago

Short Answer Questions

1. When Peggy gives Bigger dinner, what other job does she tell Bigger he must do?

2. How does Bigger sign the ransom note he has written to Mr. Dalton?

3. How does Bigger plan to explain his fingerprints in Mary's bedroom?

4. Where does Bigger Thomas and his family live?

5. How does Bigger get Mary to her room without disturbing anyone?

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