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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Bigger and Jack think being "Red" is?
(a) It's to do with Native Americans.
(b) It's American communists.
(c) It's a violent race in Russia.
(d) That it is better to be "Red" than dead.

2. Where does Bigger place the ransom note to be certain Mr. Dalton gets it?
(a) In the Dalton mail box.
(b) On Mr. Dalton's desk in his office.
(c) Under the back door.
(d) Under the front door.

3. After they leave the movie and go to the pool hall, what does Bigger do?
(a) He picks a fight with the owner of the pool hall, then stabs Gus.
(b) He says he wants to break into the Dalton home instead of Blum's Delicatessen.
(c) Gets in a fight with Gus, then slices the felt top of the pool table with his knife.
(d) Gets in a fight with Gus, then breaks a bottle and cuts the felt top of the pool table.

4. In Book 2, how do the reporters decide to frame their stories?
(a) That the communists and the negros are working together to get the ransom.
(b) That the negros want to be left alone and the communists forcing their beliefs on them.
(c) That the communists have plotted the kidnapping and are blaming it on Bigger.
(d) That negros are becomming more involved with communism.

5. What did Bigger's mother say to him after she awakens the morning after the killing?
(a) She told him Bessie came to see him the night before.
(b) She wanted to know why he came in after four in the morning.
(c) She wanted to know why he was there if he was supposed to live at the Dalton's house.
(d) She wanted to know what he wanted for breakfast.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Bigger climbs another ledge on the rooftop and beings crawling away?

2. When Peggy finds Mary is not in her room what does she question Bigger about it and what does he tell her?

3. What does Bigger daydream about during the second movie?

4. How many people are searching for Bigger after he runs away from the Dalton home after Mary's bones are found?

5. What does Bigger do after he puts Mary to bed?

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