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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bigger overhear Mrs. Dalton saying to Peggy when she learns her daughter is gone?
(a) She expains that she does not trust the people Mary associates herself with and suspects they have something to do with Mary not being home.
(b) She admits she isn't comfortable with Bigger living in the house and wonders if he frightened her daughter away.
(c) She expresses her dislike for the people Mary travels with and is shocked she hadn't even packed her new clothing for the trip.
(d) She complains that she took her daughter shopping for expensive clothing that she didn't even pack for her trip.

2. When Bigger nearly falls off the ledge, how does the writer describe what he would fall into if he had fallen?
(a) "An ocean of boiling hate."
(b) "An ocean of cheers from the spectators below."
(c) "The waiting arms of the police."
(d) "A boiling pot of hatred."

3. After winning the battle with "the beast" what does Bigger do?
(a) He shows his mother his prize.
(b) He sits down to eat dinner.
(c) He frightens his sister, Vera, with the body.
(d) He hides the remains.

4. Who does Bigger see when he, Mary, and Jan enter the restaurant?
(a) Gus and Bessie Mears.
(b) Gus, Jack, and G.H..
(c) Jack and G.H..
(d) Jack and Bessie Mears.

5. The South Side Real Estate Company is what to Bigger?
(a) The company Bigger dreams of one day owning.
(b) The South Side Real Estate Company is nothing to Bigger.
(c) The company to whom he pays rent for his family's rat-infested room.
(d) The company where Bigger hopes to one day work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bigger do after he puts Mary to bed?

2. What is the theme of the movie Bigger and Jack go to see?

3. How many bedrooms does the Thomas family share?

4. Where does Mary suggest she, Jan, and Bigger go to eat?

5. What happens when Bigger first awakens the morning after the murder?

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