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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bigger begin to wish for all blacks?
(a) That someone will bring them together to make their lives better.
(b) That they will one day make their own laws and rules.
(c) That one day blacks will one day be equal to whites.
(d) That they will become superior to the whites and treat them like they have been treated.

2. Where does Bigger Thomas and his family live?
(a) In the basement of an abandoned building
(b) A shack along the waterfront
(c) An apartment in the "Black Belt"
(d) In a condo on the river

3. What are Bigger's plans for the kidnapping farce?
(a) Have $10,000 put in a shoe box that will be dropped and Bessie will retrieve.
(b) Put $100,000 in a hat box that he will retrieve.
(c) But $100,000 in a shoe box that will be dropped and Bessie will retrieve.
(d) Put $1,000 in a hat box that Bessie will retrieve.

4. How does Bigger sign the ransom note he has written to Mr. Dalton?
(a) "Red", with a drawing of a hammer and sickle
(b) "Better Red than Dead" in red ink
(c) "J. Erlone", with a drawing of a noose
(d) "Red", with a drawing of a noose

5. What does Bigger realize after Mrs. Dalton leaves Mary's bedroom?
(a) That Mary wanted him to kiss her.
(b) That Mary had a heart attack.
(c) That he is a very lucky young man.
(d) That he killed Mary by smothering her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Britten backs Bigger against the wall and grabs his collar asking him about the pamphlets Jan Erlone gave him?

2. What kind of relationship does Bigger have with Gus?

3. In what ways does Bigger act to give the impression he thinks Mary is asleep upstairs in her bedroom?

4. What Bigger and his friends call the game they play?

5. How many members are in the Thomas family?

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