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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bigger feel when he enters the Dalton home for the very first time?
(a) Worried
(b) Lucky
(c) Indifferent
(d) Uncomfortable

2. After winning the battle with "the beast" what does Bigger do?
(a) He shows his mother his prize.
(b) He frightens his sister, Vera, with the body.
(c) He sits down to eat dinner.
(d) He hides the remains.

3. Where does Bigger have a job interview?
(a) At Blum's Delicatessin
(b) At YMCA
(c) At the supermarket
(d) At the Dalton's

4. Where is Mary Dalton expected to go on the day after Bigger is hired by her father?
(a) To a union meeting
(b) University
(c) To a communist rally
(d) Detroit

5. How does Bigger plan to explain his fingerprints in Mary's bedroom?
(a) He was going to make a point of telling everyone in the morning that Mary wanted him to get her luggage, then he'll tell everyone she's not in her room.
(b) He wasn't taking a chance, he wiped everything clean of his fingerprints.
(c) He was in there when he helped her into bed, but she was okay when he left her.
(d) He was in there to take her luggage to the station for her trip to Detroit.

Short Answer Questions

1. On Bigger's first night at work, what does he, Mary and Jan do as they drive around the park?

2. When Peggy gives Bigger dinner, what other job does she tell Bigger he must do?

3. How many members are in the Thomas family?

4. After they leave the movie and go to the pool hall, what does Bigger do?

5. As Bigger is leaving the Dalton home after Mary's death, what does he find near the Dalton's car?

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