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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mary suggest she, Jan, and Bigger go to eat?
(a) Ernie's Kitchen Shack.
(b) Ernestine's Chicken Shack.
(c) Ms. Ernie's Rib Shack.
(d) Ernie's Chicken and Ribs.

2. How is the building Bigger chose as the lookout point for the money drop described in the story.
(a) A large, white building.
(b) A vacant building in the slums.
(c) A tall, white, and silent building.
(d) A white, vacant, quiet building.

3. As Bigger tells his fabricated story about the previous evening to Mr. Dalton and Britten, what is he feeling?
(a) Like he is the one in control because he is telling them what he wants them to believe.
(b) So proud of his story he thinks of becoming a fiction writer.
(c) Worried they will find something in his story that doesn't ring true.
(d) Afraid they won't believe him and that he'll be under suspicion.

4. After meeting Mrs. Dalton, what two things does Bigger note about her?
(a) She is blind and much younger than her husband.
(b) She is an attractive woman with a good education.
(c) She is blind and uses words he doesn't understand.
(d) She is afraid to speak up to her husband and seems afraid of him.

5. What makes Mrs. Dalton leave Mary's bedroom when she comes to check on her daughter?
(a) She smells liquor and thinks her daughter is passed out.
(b) She goes to get her husband.
(c) She thinks her daugher is asleep.
(d) She is afraid of Bigger.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jan Erlone think when he hears Bigger's lie about him?

2. Who did Bigger's new cellmate ask to talk to?

3. What does Bigger tell Max about the night Max had asked him to tell him about himself?

4. What goes through Bigger's mind when he hears the music from the church near the apartment where he is hiding?

5. In Book 2 Bigger is feeling very confident and powerful, except when he sleeps and dreams. What does he dream about after his first meeting with Britten.

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