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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what ways does Bigger act to give the impression he thinks Mary is asleep upstairs in her bedroom?
(a) He loads her trunk, waits by the car, rings the bell, then asks Peggy what he should do since Mary has not come down.
(b) He eats breakfast with the Daltons as though nothing unusual has happened.
(c) He asks Mrs. Dalton what time Mary's train is supposed to leave, because he doesn't want them to be late.
(d) He eats his breakfast then asks Peggy to go upstairs and find out what is taking Mary so long.

2. Who does Mary ask Bigger to pick up after they leave home his first night working for them?
(a) She doesn't ask him to pick up anyone.
(b) Her professor, Mr. Erlone
(c) Her friend, Joan Erlone
(d) Her boyfriend, Jan Erlone

3. What does the State's Attorney Buckley get Bigger to do?
(a) Sign a confession
(b) Eat
(c) Admit he is sorry
(d) Pray for forgiveness

4. What did Bigger's cellmate want given back to him?
(a) His gun
(b) His clothing
(c) His papers and notes
(d) His letters

5. What does Bigger keep throwing out of his cell?
(a) His cigarette buts
(b) A wooden cross
(c) His food
(d) His old newspapers

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mr. Dalton refuse to have Jan Erlone picked up by the police for questioning?

2. What happens when Britten backs Bigger against the wall and grabs his collar asking him about the pamphlets Jan Erlone gave him?

3. Where does Bigger say white people live?

4. How many members are in the Thomas family?

5. Why does Bigger seem bothered that the newspaper only just wrote about him after he killed Mary?

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