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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Katie?

2. What do most of Kwang's employees do after he is arrested?

3. Does Henry suspect that his company is responsible for what happened at Kwang's offices?

4. What happened after Kwang left the club the night before?

5. Who shows up while Henry and John Kwang are together at the beginning of Chapter 12?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Chun Ji-yun.

2. Why does Henry decide to not tell Dennis or Jack about who was really behind the bombing?

3. Why was Helda important to the Kwang family?

4. What does the Korean restaurant Henry and Kwang go to look like?

5. How has Kwang changed over the course of the story?

6. What does Henry mean by saying that May is from "yangban" stock?

7. Why does Kwang start to call Henry "byong-ho" when they are together?

8. Why has it been so long since Henry and Lelia have made love?

9. What does Jack mean by saying that Dennis is not a "doing creature"?

10. Why does Henry agree to take up Eduardo's old job?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lelia is plagued by doubts and problems at the beginning of Native Speaker. She flees to Europe in search of some sort of comfort. While she is there she has an affair with a man she never names. Write an essay that explores the problems Lelia faces at the beginning of the story. What is the state of her relationship with Henry at this point? Why does she hand him the list before she leaves? Why does she not return to Henry after getting back? What other issues does she face?

Essay Topic 2

Henry and Lelia never shy away from their sexuality. When they make love they are passionate, involved, and dedicated. Write an essay that explores the themes of sex and sexuality within the context of Henry and Lelia's relationship. Why is sex an important part of their relationship? In which instances do they make love? What does their lovemaking process involve? What does their lovemaking signify the first time they do it after Lelia's return from Europe?

Essay Topic 3

The members of Glimmer and Company all have their unique talents. Henry spends his time spying on the Asian community while Jack is responsible for the dirty work that needs to take place. Write an essay the details the duties of all of the members of Glimmer and Company. Who are the members of the company? What are their responsibilities? What are some of their individual talents? How do these utilize these talents in everyday work?

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