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Short Answer Questions

1. What is John Kwang's occupation?

2. What did Henry think about the woman his father brought home from the airport?

3. Where does Henry live?

4. Who is Mitt?

5. When Janice asks Henry about his occupation, what does he say?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Kwang and Henry decide to stop on the way to the restaurant?

2. Describe Sherrie.

3. Why does Henry suspect Glimmer and Company for being responsible for the fire?

4. What does Flushing look like?

5. Describe John Kwang.

6. Describe Chun Ji-yun.

7. What did Henry's father think of Lelia when he was alive?

8. How does John Kwang dress?

9. What does Jack mean by saying that Dennis is not a "doing creature"?

10. Describe Grace.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Though Henry is not particularly religious, other characters in Native Speaker are. Religion is prevalent both in the poorer and in the richer neighborhoods of New York City. Write an essay that explores the theme of religion within the context of the story. Are different religions treated equally in Native Speaker? Which characters are the most religious? Which are the least religious? In which cases do the more religious characters pray to their god? What do they pray for?

Essay Topic 2

Love is a theme of Native Speaker that impacts the lives of Henry, Lelia, and others. Without love, the lives of these characters would be stale, unemotional, and lifeless. Write an essay that explores the theme of love within the context of the story. Why is love important to Henry and Lelia? What struggles do they go through to retain their love? Which other characters in Native Speaker experience love and in what capacity?

Essay Topic 3

The members of Glimmer and Company all have their unique talents. Henry spends his time spying on the Asian community while Jack is responsible for the dirty work that needs to take place. Write an essay the details the duties of all of the members of Glimmer and Company. Who are the members of the company? What are their responsibilities? What are some of their individual talents? How do these utilize these talents in everyday work?

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