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Short Answer Questions

1. Which feature was Henry's father the most vain about?

2. What happened to Henry's son?

3. How old was Henry's son when he died?

4. What does Janice assume about Henry?

5. Where does Henry live?

Short Essay Questions

1. How were Eduardo and Helda found?

2. What does the Korean restaurant Henry and Kwang go to look like?

3. Describe Grace.

4. Why does Henry decide to not tell Dennis or Jack about who was really behind the bombing?

5. Why is Lelia lamb stew important to Henry?

6. What does Henry mean by saying that May is from "yangban" stock?

7. Describe Henry's father.

8. Describe Henry and Jack's relationship.

9. What did Henry's father think of Lelia when he was alive?

10. How did Henry and Lelia react to their son's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Money plays a major role in the plot of Native Speaker. Without money Kwang would never be able to run rallies or fund his campaign. Write an essay that explores the value of money to the characters of Native Speaker. Which characters value money the most? Which value it the least? Where does most of Kwang's funding come from? In which cases is money spent frivolously throughout the plot?

Essay Topic 2

The members of Glimmer and Company all have their unique talents. Henry spends his time spying on the Asian community while Jack is responsible for the dirty work that needs to take place. Write an essay the details the duties of all of the members of Glimmer and Company. Who are the members of the company? What are their responsibilities? What are some of their individual talents? How do these utilize these talents in everyday work?

Essay Topic 3

Henry spends a great deal of time remembering things from his childhood. In most cases he recalls something his father did or said. Write an essay that explores Henry's childhood. Did Henry have a "normal" childhood? What are some of the happier moments? What are some of the sadder moments? How old was he when his mother died and what impact did her death have on his life?

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