Native Speaker Character Descriptions

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Henry Park - This character holds the occupation of spy.

Leila Park - This character comes from a wealthy family.

Henry's father - This character is dead before the novel opens and is never given a name.

John Kwang - This character is popular with immigrants because of his profession.

Jack Kalantzakos - This character is a mentor to the protagonist.

Janice Pawlowsky - This character is in charge of planning media appearances.

Sherrie Chin-Watt - This character holds the profession of lawyer.

Dennis Hoagland - This character is the founder of Glimmer & Company.

Pete Ichibata - This character has no notion of morality.

Grace - This character has an "Iron Curtain" look.

Dr. Emile Luzan - The protagonist fails an assignment because of this character.

Mitt Park - This character died when seven years old.

Molly - This character is who the protagonist's wife stays with...

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