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Norman Lewis (author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lewis talks about the villainy common to local police chiefs, he mentions which one in particular who has recently had several charges brought against him?
(a) Marshal Pascarella.
(b) Marshal Benvenuto.
(c) Marshal Albano.
(d) Marshal Acerra.

2. When thieves raid the Field Security Office at Castellammare castle to steal wheels off vehicles, how high are the walls they have to climb to do so?
(a) 10 ft.
(b) 60 ft.
(c) 30 ft.
(d) 20 ft.

3. Lewis notes in November 1943 that the only avenue open to a young man of good family is diplomatic service; how many diplomatic posts are offered in Naples?
(a) 250.
(b) 105.
(c) 60.
(d) 25.

4. In his discussion of his duties Lewis mentions that he is expected to make daily log entries in his Army Book no. 466. At what time each day are these logs to be discussed?
(a) 9 a.m.
(b) 8 p.m.
(c) 5 a.m.
(d) 12 p.m.

5. As Lewis and his companions prepare to land at Salerno, how does Lewis say the lecture by the Intelligence officer could have been summed up?
(a) Mussolini's OVRA has been disbanded.
(b) The Germans will be there.
(c) We know nothing.
(d) There is nothing we do not know.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lewis is frustrated when no one will admit they've seen anything during his investigation of what crime, first reported to him by one of the scugnizzi?

2. Lewis states, as he prepares to arrive in Salerno, that he and his section are attached to which American army unit?

3. In "October 1944" Lewis says that the weather is wonderful at that time of year and that it is common October sport to hunt migrant birds headed to which country?

4. While investigating the charges against the man arrested by the police chief, Lewis compares another witness--Anna Consomata--to an angel by which famous Italian artist?

5. When an attacker dressed as an American pulls a .45 automatic at a checkpoint, which of the following men is shot through the shoulder at close range?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "December 1943" why does Lewis say he feels uncomfortable conducting arrests?

2. What happens to the operational maps the Allies find upon completion of the successful raid at Anzio?

3. What reasons does Lewis give for the theft of copper when he is sent to investigate the problem?

4. When Lewis and his fellow soldiers in Benevento set up a checkpoint about three miles outside the city, what comment does Lewis make about the contraband confiscated by Marshal Altamura?

5. What response does Lewis have when it is announced that Counter-Intelligence funds are to be cut to 400 lire per week for each section member?

6. What does Lewis learn from the Americans in his September 11, 1943 entry?

7. What does Lewis say about Cesare Rossi when he arrives to arrest the man?

8. Why is Lewis sent to arrest Cesare Rossi in "February 1944"?

9. How does Lewis describe informers in his October 10, 1943 entry?

10. Describe the behavior by the Canadians when they rejoin Lewis in Benvento.

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