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Norman Lewis (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When discussing the awful behavior of French colonial troops as they ravage the countryside, Lewis says doctors in Castro di Volsci treat how many rapes?
(a) 700.
(b) 150.
(c) 85.
(d) 300.

2. When Eric Williams speaks of his frustrations in the town of Nola, he tells Lewis that the whole town shut down for the Feast of what?
(a) Liberty.
(b) Lily.
(c) Romance.
(d) Roses.

3. When Lewis refuses the blanket-requesting prostitute at the police station, she remains good natured and accepts what other item Lewis offers?
(a) Biscuits.
(b) Spaghetti.
(c) Wine.
(d) 200 lire.

4. After Mt. Vesuvius erupts Lewis visits a local seismologist, Professor Saraceno, for information about the event. With what does Lewis pay the man for his advice?
(a) Shoes.
(b) 2 apples.
(c) Corned beef.
(d) 100 lire.

5. After Signora Lola gives Lewis the information about illicit letters being sent, Lattarullo provides Lewis with the name of a letter carrier. What is the man's name?
(a) Ruffino.
(b) Losurdo.
(c) Patierno.
(d) Salerno.

6. Lewis visits which of the following volcanoes during his time in the last Neapolitan suburb he has to visit?
(a) Iblei.
(b) Etna.
(c) Monte Amiata.
(d) Solfatara.

7. In his discussion of the marriage application investigations he must conduct, Lewis says that ___ out of 10 Italian girls have lost their men to the war?
(a) 4.
(b) 9.
(c) 2.
(d) 8.

8. Which of the following is the name of the jeweler who arranges for the delivery of illegal letters in "March 1944"?
(a) Patierno.
(b) Salerno.
(c) Rufo.
(d) Losurdo.

9. As part of the A-Force's plan to use venereal disease (STD) as a weapon, Lewis says that a number of prostitutes are rounded up and taken on a day trip where?
(a) Rome.
(b) Portofino.
(c) Capri.
(d) San Vincenzo.

10. When Lewis talks about Allied cargo stolen from the Port of Naples, he says that according to estimates the equivalent of how much cargo is stolen?
(a) 2 of 7 ships.
(b) 1 in 3 ships.
(c) 1 in 4 ships.
(d) 3 of 5 ships.

11. On his visit to the one Neapolitan suburb he has not visited, what method of transportation does Lewis use?
(a) Horse.
(b) Carriage.
(c) Jeep.
(d) Walking.

12. When Lewis and Evans are sent to search through Prince Pignatelli's apartment, they find a glass of wine left behind with what substance in it?
(a) Gold leaf.
(b) Pearls.
(c) Lead.
(d) Arsenic.

13. As part of Lewis' introduction to Benevento he receives a scrap of paper listing the prices for small tasks; what should he expect to pay for help from the principal citizen?
(a) Spaghetti.
(b) 200 lire.
(c) Biscuits.
(d) Wine.

14. In Lewis' discussion of various salary levels, how much does he say an Italian major makes per month?
(a) 1425 lire.
(b) 2875 lire.
(c) 3063 lire.
(d) 4235 lire.

15. In Lewis' visit with his informant to the bones of St. Andrew, he says that the rejuvenating fluid is passed out using what medium?
(a) Wool.
(b) Paper strips.
(c) Plastic bags.
(d) Jars.

Short Answer Questions

1. When told to tidy up the black market situation Lewis investigates Vittorio Fortuna, a pharmacist known to traffic illegally in what medication?

2. After discussing Latarullo's home furnishings and souvenirs, Lewis remarks that his friend reads how many newspapers per day?

3. After Lewis moves in to the Hotel Vesuvio he invites his new acquaintances to a dinner of what army ration, which none of them have tasted before?

4. When Lewis stops for lunch at Vicenzo a Mare in the Neapolitan suburb he is treated to all BUT WHICH of the following local specialties?

5. Toward the end of "July 1944" Lewis says that about how many people live in a single acre in the district of Vicaria?

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