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Norman Lewis (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lewis discusses the small towns outside Naples he says that there are nearly uncontrollable because they are ruled by the local mob, a group known as what?
(a) Sicurezza.
(b) Carabinieri.
(c) Camorra.
(d) Sindacos.

2. When thieves raid the Field Security Office at Castellammare castle to steal wheels off vehicles, how high are the walls they have to climb to do so?
(a) 60 ft.
(b) 10 ft.
(c) 20 ft.
(d) 30 ft.

3. After his discussion of corrupt law enforcement, Lewis visits which of the following men who has been arrested by a corrupt police chief on ridiculous charges?
(a) Albano.
(b) Benvenuto.
(c) Acerra.
(d) Pascarella.

4. When Lewis is sent to investigate missing Allied copper and gets no help from the local people, the brigadiere says it is a result of omerta. How does he translate this?
(a) Suspicion.
(b) Distrust.
(c) Pride.
(d) Manliness.

5. When discussing Neapolitans' odd superstitions and views on good/bad luck, Lewis notes that they believe a house suffers from the evil eye; what is the house number?
(a) Number 15.
(b) Number 12.
(c) Number 3.
(d) Number 6.

6. When Lewis visits the house set up--illegally--by Captain Frazer and Signora Lola, he notes that it is badly damaged from an air raid that happened on which date?
(a) October 30, 1943.
(b) March 14, 1944.
(c) April 1, 1944.
(d) December 11, 1943.

7. In his discussion of the marriage application investigations he must conduct, Lewis says that ___ out of 10 Italian girls have lost their men to the war?
(a) 4.
(b) 8.
(c) 9.
(d) 2.

8. Which of the following is the name of the midget gynecologist in "March 1944"?
(a) Salerno.
(b) Losurdo.
(c) Patierno.
(d) Rufo.

9. The prostitutes rounded up for the A-Force's plot are unhappy about the situation because they are used to making how much money per night?
(a) 500 lire.
(b) 1000 lire.
(c) 1300 lire.
(d) 100 lire.

10. When Lewis talks about the villainy common to local police chiefs, he mentions which one in particular who has recently had several charges brought against him?
(a) Marshal Benvenuto.
(b) Marshal Albano.
(c) Marshal Pascarella.
(d) Marshal Acerra.

11. In his February 28, 1944 entry Lewis says that spring seems to have arrived, and that a young boy is selling a collection of 25 ballads at what price?
(a) 20 lire.
(b) 10 lire.
(c) 5 lire.
(d) 15 lire.

12. As "November 1943" opens, Lewis laments that Counter-Intelligence funds are to be reduced to what amount per week?
(a) 400 lire.
(b) 800 lire.
(c) 200 lire.
(d) 600 lire.

13. When Lewis asks Norah Gemelli for help on a case he mentions that she lives on which of the following affluent streets?
(a) Via Chiaia.
(b) Via Forcella.
(c) Via Toledo.
(d) Via dei Mille.

14. In his discussion of the local mobs around Naples, Lewis says that the only person who ever stood up to the group was whom?
(a) Mussolini.
(b) Emmanuele.
(c) Pecorella.
(d) Stalin.

15. When Lewis visits the prison during his vendetta investigation he notes that newly received prisoners are fingerprinted and then told to wipe the ink off their hands where?
(a) Hair.
(b) Washrag.
(c) Pants.
(d) Wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lewis and Lattarullo go to lunch and inspect the dish said to be veal, the waiter admits under questioning that it is actually what?

2. When discussing incredible feats of piracy, Lewis says that what objects have been stolen from the region of Agropoli?

3. In early April, Lewis says that he has completed how many investigations of Italian women who wish to marry British soldiers?

4. Lewis is invited to a dinner party that features a spaghetti-eating contest; which of the following individuals is said to have introduced the classic method for this competition?

5. Lewis notes in his November 25, 1943 entry that there is an aversion in Italy to bothering which of the following species of bird?

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