Naples '44 Short Essay - Answer Key

Norman Lewis (author)
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1. Describe the information Lewis and the other men in his section have when they first arrive in Salerno.

When Lewis and the men in his section arrive in Salerno, he makes a point of saying that they have absolutely no information about the situation they are entering. Even the Intelligence officer from whom they receive a briefing before landing knows nothing; no information has come out of Italy in the way of intelligence at all. The men have no idea if Mussolini's secret police--the OVRA--are still in existence or even what they are expected to do upon arrival.

2. When arriving in Salerno, why are Lewis and his fellow British officers assigned to an American army and how do the Americans treat them?

Lewis says that he and his fellow Brits are assigned to the American Fifth when arriving in Salerno because they have no security service of their own. Despite the fact that the situation is at the request of the Americans, they give the British men something of a cold shoulder.

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