Objects & Places from Naples '44

Norman Lewis (author)
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Italy - This country location is the setting of the book.

Naples - This location is where the author is stationed for the majority of the book; he comes to admire the citizens of this area.

The Evacuation Hospital - The author receives malaria treatment in this location.

The Palace of the Princes of Satriano - The author and his section are stationed at this location during their time in the city.

Benevento - This location is the second place the author is stationed.

Empty Buildings - These locations often collapse, and are hot spots for crime.

San Gennaro's Blood - The inhabitants of the area in which the author is stationed revere this item; they use it to predict the success or failure of the coming year.

Whitsun - The inhabitants of the area in which the author is stationed celebrate this holiday in connection with...

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