Naples '44 Fun Activities

Norman Lewis (author)
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Map it

Create a map to illustrate Naples and the surrounding regions to use as a reference guide for the novel.

Friendly fire

Research the phenomenon of friendly fire, as experienced by the American troops in "September 1943," and create a presentation that explains this relatively common occurrence to your classmates.


Create a Jeopardy! game that will help your classmates keep town names and the names of the individuals in the book straight.

Dear Diary

Recreate one of Lewis' journal entries by hand to display in your classroom.


Research and present a report to the class on what qualifications Lewis would need in order to do his job.


Create a portrait of Lattarullo, using any medium you prefer.

Signora Lola

Dress up as Signora Lola and deliver a speech aimed at Captain Frazer in which you lament problems with your relationship.

Dubious information

Write a letter...

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