Naples '44 Character Descriptions

Norman Lewis (author)
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Norman Lewis - This individual is the author of the book, who died in 2003 at the age of 93.

Vincente Lattarullo - This individual is a contact for the author in Naples.

Lewis's Section - This group was involved in British intelligence operations in Naples.

Captain Frazer - This individual is a friend of the author's and is almost killed in Naples due to a relationship with a local.

Signora Lola - This individual is romantically involved with one of the author's friends for a period of time.

Marshal Altamura - This individual is a member of the law enforcement in Benevento and encourages the author to go after criminals.

The Canadians - This group is sent to help the author deal with criminal elements in Naples.

Bandits - This group is responsible for operating a black market in Naples.

The Americans - This group was the primary...

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