Naples '44 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Norman Lewis (author)
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• The book is a series of diary entries by Norman Lewis.

• An armistice is signed on September 8, 1943.

• Lewis arrives in Italy with a new unit; they have no orders and no idea of the situation.

• Many of the men in Lewis' section have never used a weapon.
• Lewis is isolated; he is a newcomer while the others in his section have fought together previously.

• Lewis does not think much of the American troops.

• By September 11, 1943, Lewis' section has joined the Fifth Army.

• The American soldiers announce that they have orders to execute any Germans they find, even if they try to surrender.

• Lewis is very uncomfortable with the notion of executing Germans who would surrender.
• Fighting begins on September 12, 1943.

• The inexperienced American soldiers do not know how to react when German tanks arrive; they begin shooting each other in the confusion.

• The Fifth Army retreats on September...

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