The Naked and the Dead Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the descriptive text imply about the tone of the opening scene of chapter 1?

The tone is lonely and dark. This is indicated by the narrator describing the feeling, thoughts, and scenes of the man just waking up. This man hears others sleeping "fitfully," his "vision becoming lost." The narrator uses the word "oppressive" to describe the smell. The scene closes with the man indicating he does not care what happens but he wishes it was over. Finally, the man remembers his childhood, a seemingly distant memory of a time much different then the present.

2. How is Wilson described in chapter 1?

Wilson is approximately 30 years old. A large man with a "ruddy face," "golden-brown hair," and a big forehead, he wares glasses that do not seem to fit his personality. Wilson appears to be easy going and talkative.

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