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1. Describe the setting for this story as given in the beginning of "Breakfast at Kennedy's."

"Breakfast at Kennedy's" takes place at a boarding school where Jack Kennedy and the narrator are students. The setting eventually moves to Hyannis, MA, where the Kennedy family spends vacations.

2. What role does the narrator play in "Breakfast at Kennedy's"?

In "Breakfast at Kennedy's," the narrator plays the innocent buddy of Jack Kennedy who also serves as someone Jack can order around and, at times, make fun of.

3. Describe the differences between the narrator and Jack Kennedy.

While Jack Kennedy is an outgoing Catholic who easily charms all the ladies, the narrator is Jewish and much more passive and quiet than Jack.

4. How is Jack Kennedy characterized in "Breakfast at Kennedy's"? Do you think this is a favorable description?

In "Breakfast at Kennedy," Jack Kennedy is characterized as someone who is popular and well-liked, yet is not particularly sensitive to the needs of others. It is not a particularly favorable description of Kennedy, as it suggests that he is oblivious to everything except himself.

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