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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gets the whole group caught by the police in Chapter 3?
(a) Neal Cassady
(b) The Vigilante
(c) The Rube
(d) William Lee

2. Which of the following refers to a sensory experience of something that does not exist outside the mind?
(a) Blind spot
(b) Hallucination
(c) Interrogation
(d) Reality

3. What is the Vigilante’s defense for his actions in Chapter 2?
(a) His brother's bullying
(b) His schizophrenia
(c) His drug addiction
(d) His father's murder

4. What word does William claim is “English thief slang for inform”?
(a) Junk
(b) Grass
(c) Cat-out
(d) Conspire

5. What is William S. Burroughs’s middle name?
(a) Seward
(b) Stephen
(c) Stanley
(d) Samuel

Short Answer Questions

1. After leaving general surgery, which of the following did Dr. Benway specialize in?

2. What do the freed addicts raid once they are freed from the psychiatric hospital?

3. Which of the following diseases is suffering from?

4. The Vigilante is described as though he were located where in Chapter 2?

5. What is the last name of William in Naked Lunch?

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