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Essay Topic 1

Naked Lunch explores several themes, including drugs and homosexuality. How do the drug and homosexual subcultures of the 1950s mix in the novel? How are these related to the other themes?

Essay Topic 2

Consider the place of the medical establishments in the novel, particularly in the case of Dr. Benway and Dr. Schafer. How do they compare? In what ways are Dr. Benway and Dr. Schafer different in their ideals?

Essay Topic 3

Reality versus hallucination is another major theme in the novel. How would you categorize the parts of the novel that describe the plot of “real” events versus the parts of the novel that might be visions or hallucinations?

Essay Topic 4

Dr. Benway relates to William his work at Freeland and Annexia. What commentary is being made through the example of Freeland? What about Annexiaa?

Essay Topic 5

William’s character is based upon the real...

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