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Chapter 1

• A drug addict flees from the police, traveling across the United States and down into Mexico and beyond.

• It is revealed that governments and psychiatrists use mind control to manipulate, destroy, and direct the masses.

• William, William Lee, a mid level drug addict and dealer, notices he is being followed, so he throws away his drug paraphernalia and runs into a subway station to avoid arrest.

• On the train, William analyzes the various personality types present and separates them according to their connection to drug addiction and the underworld of drug dealers.

• William fears that his clients will tell the police about his homosexual behavior, which he assumes will get him a harsher punishment than his life as a junkie and drug dealer.

Chapter 2

• The Vigilante and his strange behaviors are introduced.

• The Vigilante is sent to a federal psychiatric hospital for lifelong drug treatment.

• William describes...

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