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Short Answer Questions

1. What about the friend seems to change every time s/he appears?

2. What law does Roarke break in Dallas' apartment?

3. Dallas works hard to try and link ____ to the death.

4. Dallas is told to visit which person at his/her office?

5. What word does Dallas use to describe the clientele of the club?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Dallas' meeting with Senator Gerald De Blass. What is Dallas' reaction to the meeting?

2. What is testing? What is the process Dallas must go through to complete the procedure?

3. Discuss the introduction of Lola Starr.

4. What is the story Dallas tells Roarke about the incident the night before Sharon De Blass' murder?

5. Explain the conversation between Dallas and Dr. Mira after the testing has taken place.

6. What unusual action does Dallas take when she arrives at the Lola Starr crime scene?

7. What is Dallas's general opinion of the testing procedure?

8. Who are the next two people Dallas investigates? What is the basic information on each?

9. What are the consequences of Dallas's actions?

10. Examine the first scene in the book which takes place at Dallas's apartment.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write your own murder mystery based on Naked in Death. Supply complete storyboards. Include character information, plot, synopsis, and story detail. Explain your inspiration.

Essay Topic 2

It is clear from the beginning that Summerset is a valuable part of Roarke's life. Examine the relationship between Roarke and Summerset. How is Summerset different from a typical employee? How long have the men known each other? What is their relationship on a personal level? What exactly is Summerset's job? What is the relationship between Dallas and Summerset? Do they really hate each other? If so, why? Do they really feel about each other on the inside as it appears on the outside? What makes them tolerant of one another?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Dallas' conflict regarding Roarke. What is Dallas' opinion of Roarke? What happened to make Dallas' opinion change? How does the blossoming relationship with Roarke affect the investigation? Why does Simpson object to the relationship? Is it a conflict of interest? How does Dallas feel about the timing of the courtship? What makes Roarke so determined? Is Dallas intimidated by Roarke, his notoriety, material possessions or money? What is Dallas' opinion of Roarke's house? Do you think there could ever be a place in Dallas' life for someone like Roarke or vice versa? Explain.

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