Naked in Death Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Explain the primary setting of Naked in Death.

Naked in Death takes place in New York City in the year 2058. Although the world is somewhat futuristic, it is not so much so that the reader cannot relate. Various settings are used throughout the book including Dallas's apartment, crime scenes, and police central.

2. Explain one of the biggest differences in law enforcement in 2058.

Police in 2058 no longer carry guns. Handguns have been outlawed years before. Instead the cops use police issue weapons also known as stunners. They use laser beams instead of bullets and can be adjusted to simply stun a victim or to kill.

3. Examine the first scene in the book which takes place at Dallas's apartment.

The book begins with Dallas waking up at dawn in her apartment. Dallas has had a difficult night having been forced to kill a suspect in order to keep him from killing his child. The man had been in a drug induced rage. Dallas knows she did the right thing but is struggling with the corruption of the child.

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